Who is KOTOKO?

KOTOKO became a professional singer in the year 2000. Her first successful audition was with I've Sound, a team of producers using the talents of various female vocalists for their often dance music oriented productions. They are best known for their dating and adult games.

Her breakthrough was in 2001 with the theme song, later to become ending song for anime Onegai! Teacher (Please! Teacher).

Since then, she has performed opening and ending themes for more than 30 anime and has gained top 10 rankings in the Oricon charts with her first two official albums, Hane from 2004 and Garasu no Kaze from 2005.
In 2008, she performed the theme song for Shakugan no Shana II, Blaze.

In 2009, she wrote the song "Screw" for the Mamoru Oshii live-action movie Assault Girls.The song Ao Iconoclast was featured as the opening theme song to the console version of video game Blazblue: Calamity Trigger, and her song Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo was used as the opening theme for the BlazBlue sequel BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

In 2011, she left I’ve and started working with other producers.  The song Light My Fire for Shakugan no Shana was, for instance, written by Ryo of Supercell. In 2012 she released the song Unfinished, written by SAT from Fripside, who performed with ALTIMA during Anime 2013!
These songs and more are featured on her November 2013 album Kūchū Puzzle

Her highest grossing single, with over 50.000 copies sold and also Niels’ favorite song is Re-Sublimity, the opening theme for the Kanazuki no Miko anime in 2006.

When will KOTOKO be at Anime 2014?

KOTOKO will be performing live at Anime 2014 in the Archonia Theater on Saturday evening. Admission is, as always, free of charge.
There will be signing sessions and merchandize sales too, for more details, check our festival guide during Anime 2014

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