Hi, I am Clara, the most famous Bovine Icon in the history of Cow-kind. I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule, promoting the Anime Festival in The Netherlands to ask you some questions. Of course, I am the only one with enough linguistic skills to do so.

Hello Kamui! Please tell me something about yourself

Hi Clara, nice you meet you! I’m Svetlana Quindt aka Kamui and am a cosplayer from the beautiful country of Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, Germany. Over the years I’ve become popular not only for my big armor projects, but also for my supportive tutorials, how to videos and now I’m also an author of my own cosplay construction books. And: Cosplay became a full time job for me!

This cosplay thing you do, how long have you been doing this and why do you think you are more fabulous then I am?

I’ve started with cosplay already 10 years ago and during this time I’ve create a ton of armors from mostly video games. Many of these costumes had also some cool helmets. Helmets with huge, mighty horns, which are clearly bigger than yours. So… I guess the answer is clear. J

Since my country has the greatest green pastures that produce the best milk and cheese, it’s obvious you would want to visit our country. What other reasons could you possibly have for visiting us? And, have you visited this great nation before?

Well, I also like tulips and windmills and as a German I just love your language. It sounds like a super funny accent for me. In addition however I’m also very honored to be a guest of Anime this year and since I already know some awesome cosplayers from the Netherlands and always wanted to take a trip there it was just a must to visit your beautiful country again. I was already some years ago in Rotterdam, but it was awfully cold and I had no time for exploring, so hopefully I’ll be more lucky this time.

You do like Milk and Cheese, don’t you?

Nom nom, I love milk with strawberry taste and some fresh mozzarella. The more milk the better!

So, you want to talk about that cosplay thing, how many costumes have you made and have you been in any competitions or TV shows, like I have?

Honestly I’ve never count, but I guess I’ve made around 30 costumes now. Since it takes sometimes months to finish them, I don’t have that many, but all of them are pretty huge, have props and are unbelievable uncomfortable, ha ha! Despite of that, I’m not a big fan of competitions and there is only a few I’ve participated: The Blizzard costume contest at Gamescom and at Blizzcon. I’ve won both already and am still very excited about that. Since I’m a guest at most conventions I’m acting mostly as a judge instead of participating. And yes, I was already in some TV shows, but mostly just for a short interviews or features.

What do you consider your best skills in cosplay and what will be the points you will be looking at most in costumes?

I call myself an armor expert since I’m very focused in armor costumes and props. I’ve worked already with many different materials, but love the use of Worbla and know many prop makers, their techniques and favorite materials. I’m bad in judging big dresses or complicated robes, but I can tell you instantly how well an armor costume was made or which quality a prop has.

What if you could spend an evening with me, what would be your ideal evening type?

Honestly I would prefer a long ride at the beach with a sunset. I’m sure you’re better then every horse!

What was the best cosplay experience you have ever had?

After years of dreaming and trying it was surely placing as Grand Prize winner in the Blizzon costume contest. I’ve won some other contest before, but this success not only a long dream, but also the reward of a two year long project. I surely will never forget this announcement on a stage in front of 25000 people!

The Anime Festival has Summer Games as theme. What is your first thought that goes with the theme they have?

Armor bikinis??? Ha ha, since I connect with games, video games and with video games armor costumes from video games this was honestly my first thought and I would love to see some girls playing beach volleyball in some shiny, metal bikinis!

My favorite holiday destination is India, at least they treat me with proper respect there. What is your favorite holiday destination?

At American conventions armor cosplayers are considered as holy people. At least the media coverage, the photographers and visitors threat us like that. But that’s not the only reason why I love the US, especially Los Angeles. They have not only the biggest conventions world wide, but they have also a ton of shops for crafting, I have many friends there and just love the awesome weather.

Say you would be stranded in a very remote barnyard with nothing but grassy fields and a water pump (My ideal location) which three things could you not do without?

Clearly my iPhone, my Nintendo DS with Pokemon inside and my whole workshop. Does this count as one thing?

My favorite motto is: To graze or not to graze. What is your favorite motto?

Never give up and live your dream.

What food from your country should all of us have tried before we lay down on the field and ruminate?

Clearly some good old Nürnberger Bratwürstchen with potato salad. Clearly the best of my home town!

Thank you Kamui!

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