TaeYeon Kim (Minemes)

Hi, I am Clara, the most famous Bovine Icon in the history of Cow-kind. I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule, promoting the Anime Festival in The Netherlands to ask you some questions. Of course, I am the only one on the team with enough linguistic skills to do so.

So, TaeYeon,  Please tell me something about yourself

Hi, Clara! I’m TaeYeon from Korea and a huge cosplay lover. I take photos, make cosplay things like robots or armors, and do the performance also! Thanks to that, I could be 2012 WCS Korean representative, and be Asian champion at 2011, ACM! It was so exciting! Plus, I really love to visit various events and  experience different cultures in different countries. It’s my second time to visit Netherlands but first time to visit an event in Netherlands so I’m very looking forward to it!!


This cosplay thing you do, how long have you been doing this and why do you think you are more fabulous then I am?

It’s been 10 years since I started Cosplay. My first cosplay was Di Gi Carat. It was so difficult because I didn’t know anything about cosplay, but now I think I’ve improved a lot
Oh, Clara, you’re the most fabulous girl of Cow-kind, but I may cuter than you in terms of man-kind~lol. Oh, well, I’m a girl who makes robots. Doesn’t that sound pretty good?

Since my country has the greatest green pastures that produce the best milk and cheese, it’s obvious you would want to visit our country. What other reasons could you possibly have for visiting us? And, have you visited this great nation before?

Other than milk and cheese? You’re asking me a tough question! Haha, I’m joking. I’ve already once visited The Netherlands and loved your country so much! It was full of bicycles and delicious things. You have beautiful tulip fileds and windmills of course, and Anne Frank Huis, Van Gogh Museum and other places are attractive, too. Also, I heard you have the most delicious waffles!! Yum!
But the biggest reason to visit Netherland is ”Anime Festival”!! Of course!!


You do like Milk and Cheese, don’t you?

Milk and Cheese? Oh, Clara, I’m dying for it! Will you give me some? Please OvO?


So, you want to talk about that cosplay thing, how many costumes have you made and have you been in any competitions or TV shows, like I have?

I cannot count the costumes I’ve made because it’s been 10 years, but I can tell I made quite some. And I’ve done performances in Korea and most of them are competitions. Sometimes won, sometimes I couldn’t but all were fun. International competition, I’ve visited WCS, ACM.
I could be the champion at ACM with my team.


What do you consider your best skills in cosplay and what will be the points you will be looking at most in costumes?

My best skill is making props for cosplay. And I make them very light. Since I’m a girl and have not much strength, most of my props are pretty light. But I care for the fabric and line the most when I look at a costume. I love the silhouette line, fits on body. And the fabric changes the atmosphere of clothes a lot, thus I  Care about the fabric too.


What if you could spend an evening with me, what would be your ideal evening type?

Since I am a girl and you are a girl too, we won’t have a “date”, but how about enjoying a cup of milk with delicious cheese? And I do the cow cosplay and you do the human cosplay!


What was the best cosplay experience you have ever had?

It’s always difficult to choose the ‘best’. I once thought about giving up the stage performance, but decided to do one last fun performance. It was fun to prepare, fun to do on the stage, and the audience loved it so much! Even on the internet, a lot of people liked it. I was so glad and thankful and gave up giving up the stage. Oh, and not the best but ‘an experience’. I once experienced slow-motion cosplaying on stage!


The Anime Festival has Summer Games as theme. What is your first thought that goes with the theme they have?

Olympic…? Or water sports? Sounds like the event has huge competition, but the competitions also will be fun to watch. Games are always fun!


My favourite holiday destination is India, at least they treat me with proper respect there. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Humm.. I always love Slayers, so the world of Slayers will be great place to meet Lina Invers(my favourite character), East blue sea sounds nice if Luffy is there, and in Azeroth Do you think I could be a real wizard?

Hahaha, In real life, it depends on my budget. I love enjoy beautiful sea in the summer, and stay in a warm place in winter. But usually I visit the place or country where my friends are living. Spending time with my friends is the best holiday for me.


Say you would be stranded in a very remote barnyard with nothing but grassy fields and a water pump (My ideal location) which three things could you not do without?

Air plane, pilot, and money will take me to the other place I guess. But to live there, I need a knife, house and cow. Cow for mea.. milk and cheese you know!


My favourite motto is: To graze or not to graze. What is your favourite motto?

Life is short, do cosplay! Haha, or ‘eat delicious food’! What I really like is ENJOY YOUR LIFE!


What food from your country should all of us have tried before we lay down on the field and ruminate?

‘Galbee’! It’s grilled beef! Seasoned one and not seasoned one are both delicious. The meat is tender and juicy, and the smell is killing me~!! Also there are so many different way to cook it! Someone who knows about Korea may know ‘Kimchi’ or ‘Bibimbab’ but my recommendation is ‘Galbee’! Oh, right… it’s beef but  different kind of cow you know :P

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