Yuegene Fay

Hi, I am Clara, the most famous Bovine Icon in the history of Cow-kind. I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule, promoting the Anime Festival in The Netherlands to ask you some questions. Of course, I am the only one with enough linguistic skills to do so.

Hello Yuegene Fay,
Please tell us something about yourself.

Hello, I am YUEGENE FAY. A  cosplayer and Cosplay ambassador from Thailand.
I like watching anime and cosplaying.

This cosplay thing you do, how long have you been doing this and why do you think you are more fabulous then I am?

I started Cosplay Since year 2000.
Emm I really don’t know why I’m fabulous, maybe because I’m born to be…. *LOL*

Since my country has the greatest green pastures that produce the best milk and cheese, it’s obvious you would want to visit our country.
What other reasons could you possibly have for visiting us? And, have you visited this great nation before?

This is the first time I've ever visited The Netherlands. I heard about this country a lot. Many people said you have wonderful scenery and your flowers and towns are very beautiful. But I have a lot of things that I don't know about Netherlands, so I hope you guys can help me know more.

You do like Milk and Cheese, don’t you?

I really like cheese. If any dish of food has cheese as an ingredient, I will especially like it. I like to drink milk, too. I used to drink 6 large cartons of milk per day (1000 ml each). However, the real reason for drinking that much milk was that I was afraid that I wouldn’t get taller, because my mother is so tiny. She’s only 150 cm tall. That milk-drinking habit made me grow up as a person who loves milk.

So, you want to talk about that cosplay thing, how many costumes have you made and have you been in any competitions or TV shows, like I have?

I didn’t keep track of how many costumes I’ve made. I only wanted to cosplay as the characters I like, so I didn’t pay much attention to other factors.
About competitions, there is a very very long list to go through….if you really wish to know. I’ve joined so many cosplay contests and have received a lot of awards that I think many contest organizers don’t really feel like letting me join anymore.
*laugh* So now I’m mainly invited to contests as a judge instead. Some people call me a strict or cruel judge. Hahaha. I think it’s just because I take cosplaying a bit too seriously.
As for TV shows, I’ve been on several shows in many countries, such as Thailand, NHK in Japan, China, Korea, and many

You can read my profile on facebook.
(Marieke interfering here: Check out the list at the end of the interview)

What do you consider your best skills in cosplay and what will be the points you will be looking at most in costumes?

What I’m especially good at? Probably make-up skill, wig arranging skill, and designing a costume for comfort when wearing.
This might sound confusing, but for example, when you compete in a contest, the costume should allow mobility and convenience, and all the parts should be carefully attached so that nothing will fall apart. These are also vital, besides the outer appearance of the costume.  

What if you could spend an evening with me, what would be your ideal evening type?

If possible, I would enjoy a quiet time together, with only the two of us. *laugh*

What was the best cosplay experience you have ever had?

The best experience for me is when I have an opportunity to cosplay with friends who like the same thing as me. We get to share the moment and interact in same activity, we get to rehearse and plan stuff, and also talk and discuss about manga, anime, and songs which we like. Those are such a very good memory.

The Anime Festival has Summer Games as theme. What is your first thought that goes with the theme they have?

For this Anime Festival, I hope to see a lot of enjoying and entertaining activities in the event. Summer Games makes me think about swimming pools! Will there be a swimming competition like in the anime “FREE!”? It is my favourite anime in the recent season. However, in your climate now, this kind of temperature can be the equivalent of Thailand’s winter!!

My favourite holiday destination is India, at least they treat me with proper respect there. What is your favourite holiday destination?

My own bedroom. *laugh* Joking! Sometimes it gets extremely busy, so when I get a holiday, I really wish to have a long time to sleep and relax. But the real place I like is Japan. I love to walk around and observe their cultures. I also like places with nice weather.

Say you would be stranded in a very remote barnyard with nothing but grassy fields and a water pump (My ideal location) which three things could you not do without?

1. Cell phone (for listening to music and playing game)
2. Cell phone’s charger, which is a solar-cell charger!
3. A lot of food.

My favourite motto is: To graze or not to graze. What is your favourite motto?

What? You like Shakespeare’s Hamlet??? What a romantic cow! *laugh*
My motto is: do what you want and do it your best.

What food from your country should all of us have tried before we lay down on the field and ruminate?

Durian. It is really delicious.

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Cosplay Awards & other
Thailand&Japan Cosplay Ambassador
Wacoal Cure Cosplay Contest2011[#1]
Japan Festa 2010 [#1]
J-Trends on the Rock 2010 [#1]
Cosplay of the year 2010
WCS representative 2009
Doll Mania 2009[#1]
Cosplay Asia Summit representative 2009
Trend in town Lolita street 2008[#1]
JK STEP UP2007[#1]
J-Trend in Love2007 [#1]
J-Cover Series2007[#1]
J Cover Jrock 2007 [#1]
WCS representative 2007
Japan Festa 2007 [#1]
splay of the year2007
J-Trends Celebration2006
splay of the Year 2006
Japan Fes in BKK 2006 [#1]
TYT Cos 2006 [#2]
"Withering to Dir en grey"Cosplay and Cover Contest 2006[#1]
MBK J-Winter Rock 2005 [PopularVote]
MBK J-Life Street 2005 [#1]
Ziqma_Qoo 2005
dead&rotting 2005
ROCKU 2004 [#1]
Bloody Evil 3rd 2004 [cosplay group #1]

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