Kobujutsu by Lu Gia Jen

Okinawa, the largest island of the Ryu Kyu archipelago, has a centuries-long tradition of martial arts. During the 7th century the Chinese martial arts came through diplomatic and cultural missions to Okinawa. The practice of unarmed martial art became immensely popular in Okinawa, as well as the exercise itself in the use of simple farm tools as a weapon. This martial arts gained fame under the name kobu-jutsu (Kobudo).

With the development of Okinawan Kobujutsu are two names inseparable, Shinko Matayoshi (1888-1947) and Shinken Taira 1902-1970). The successor of Shinken Taira is Motokatsu Inoue. Unfortunately he died in 1995. His son has taken over the leadership. Kobujutsu is now practiced all over the world.

The Netherlands was introduced in Okinawa kobujutsu by Rob Zwartjes, which in 1974 directly trained under Inoue. Wim van der Leur (8th dan karate/7th dan Kobujutsu) followed in his footsteps and has become Branch Chief of The Netherlands. In 1990 the S.O.K.N. (Okinawa Kobujutsu Foundation ) was established in the Netherlands, now named Ryukyu Kobujutsu Holland. By the membership, members have the right to participate in exams, trainingstages at home and abroad, summer camps and they receive an information sheet every 3 months. There are national and international competitions where the emphasis is on style.


'Whole Weekend Visitors' and 'Saturday' Visitors only

Oceania Foyer / Dojo.

'The usual rules apply. We do suggest to bring comfortable clothing for during the sessions, changing room will be available.

Saturday 13:00 - 14:30 (Please gather at 15 minutes before start in front of the Dojo)

Ticketbooth Open

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