World Karaoke Grandprix 2015

So you think you can Sing? This year, the Anime Festival is again chosen for the international event, the World Karaoke Grandprix! Powered by Performous.

What is it?

Well, it is a Karaoke competition. You will be singing live to an audience and will be judged. If you happen to win, that’s totally awesome, because we will be sending you to Japan like our two WCS cosplay winners to compete for the World title in Anime Song Karaoke!


Ehm, yes, we will be sending you to Nagoya Japan on July 30 and fly you back home again on August 2 or if you pay a small fee yourself, some more days. (We will not cover your cost for public transport or food other then from the airport to the event and from the event to the airport).

When is it?

The competition will be held at the 14th of june in the Amazon between 12:30-13:30.

What do I have to do?

  • Well, if you want to compete, you have to adhere to the following rules:
  • Be a Dutch citizen or have permanent residence here.
  • Be able to sing in Japanese
  • It must be a song from this list.
  • The chosen song is limited to anime opening and closings only (TV sizes). We handle the same rules that is used at the finals in Japan.
  • Fill out the form (read further to find the link).
  • You must have a weekend ticket for Anime 2015 (practice is possible during regular Karaoke hours on Friday and saturday).
  • Remain at Anime 2015 at least until after the closing ceremony
  • IN JAPAN you will need to sing your song IN THE COSPLAY of one of the chosen anime's characters!

When can I register?

You can register yourself now at

What are the rules?

The complete rules will be updated as soon as possible.
At the competition you have to sing an Anime song and you may not act obscenely or indecently
You must wear a cosplay that is from the series you are singing from in Japan (Preferably, but not necessarily at Anime too).
Please note, you need to be 18 years or older to be eligible to enter this competition.

What are your judging criteria?

The official rules are not yet known, but until they are, these are the rules we will look at regardless of the official ones:
  • How you perform the song (on time, on pitch).
  • Your appearance on stage
  • Your Japanese ability

Who will judge the competition?

BACK-ON will be judging this competition during the finals!

This competition is sponsored by:

Daiichikosho. The Live DAM people and the company that exploits the chain of Big Echo Karaoke spots.
The execution of the preliminary round in the Netherlands is hosted by Stichting Promotie Japanse Popcultuur.

Time and Location:

Preliminaries will be in the Karaoke room in the Everest on the 2nd floor:
Friday 20:00-21:30
Saturday 13:00-14:30
**Sign up is required. Spots are limited, so please send a mail to for a spot. You can sign up at the convention of there are still spots available.**

Finals at Sunday 12:30-13:30 in the Amazon.

J-POP in cooperation with:
  • Aniway
  • Archonia
  • Bit Agency
  • CrunchyRoll
  • Warner Brothers Games
  • Hercules
  • Mindscape
  • Nationaal Videogame Museum
  • Samsung
  • Ziva Events
  • AFK e-Sports
  • Vertigo 6
  • Koch Media
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