During the day there is a lot of stuff to do at Anime 2015. But when you’re not busy following workshops or scouting for that last volume of your favorite manga what do you do? How about having a go at creating your own manga?

Art studio

During this year’s festival, Mangaschool will deploy its art studio at the Event Plaza. During the whole weekend we will be there to support both beginning and professional artist with creating your own manga. Whether you’re a writer, an editor or the person in charge of all the amazing graphics we have a thing or two for you.

We are aware not everyone likes drawing on a computer. It doesn’t give the same feeling as drawing directly on paper. Well, you can draw the traditional way with a wide range of tools as well: pencils, a pen for inking, a copic marker, a fine-liner or paint, just pick your poison. Maybe you want to have a go at trying copic markers for the first time? Or have you never tried inking with a pen before? Just ask one of our available teachers to give you a hand.

Inspiration Corner

Not feeling too inspired to draw? We got just the cure for that problem. Our inspirational corner offers a variety of posters, art books, drawing books and portfolios from other artists. You can just sit down and go through all the stunning pieces of artwork.

To inspire you even more we will have a rotating theme every hour. Each hour we will pick someone to grab a note from our big riddle box containing hundreds of different themes. This theme will be the center of the inspirational corner for that hour.

Workshops & Presentations organized by Mangaschool


  • Workshop How to draw faces: Friday  19:30-20:30
  • Workshop How to draw clothing: Saturday 19:00-20:00

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