Event Plaza overview

Just like last year the Event Plaza is smack in the center of the convention, between the Game room and the Dealer room.
In the event plaza there will be a wide arrange of games, activities and workshops to enjoy through out the whole weekend.

With Anime 2015's busy and fun filled events and activities schedule sometimes you just need to sit down and relax.  
Event plaza is the perfect place to sit down and do something fun.
In the Event plaza you can find different groups that will be hosting there own activities, most of them running non-stop till the closing time of the Event plaza.

What can you do at the event plaza?

At the event plaza different groups host a wide arrange of games and activities.
Want to learn how to make Amigurumi (japaneese crochet stuffed toy’s) want to learn how to play Shogi, Go or furisode ? Or maybe you want to get into a new card game? or just spend some time getting to know new people while playing a table top game?

You can find this and a lot more at the Event plaza. 


We have a number of workshops which will run continuously for most of the day and evening.


At the event plaza you can find the following group´s:

- The House of cards
- Circumisso
- Dutch Shogi bond
- Go club Senki
- Princess Lea’s Cosplay repair point
- Gamers of the West
- Goldfishscooping
***and more to come


All visitors


The Atlantic Foyer in the basement


Friday: 14:00-22:00
Saturday: 10.00-22:00
Sunday: 10:00-15:00

Sign up

You can sign up here for all workshops and events that require signup at the Information desk in the Event plaza itself.

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