Anigenda Lecture

Anime, manga and Japanese culture can be considered hidden in the Netherlands. This lecture will reveal what’s happening in our little country and explain why it’s awesome!

If you’re reading this, then you know Animecon exists, congratulations! Most people find out about conventions by accident. When visiting your first convention a new world opens up, there must be many impressions and you get to taste a unique atmosphere. But do you know there’s even more things to do besides Animecon? There are other conventions, but also associations and organizations that have many things to offer for fans of Japanese pop culture! During this lecture we want to show you what’s happening in the Netherlands. What is Anigenda? Anigenda is an umbrella corporation and its members are non-profit organizations. The members work together to improve Japanese pop culture in the Netherlands in many ways. Once every quarter all members come together to discuss the latest news and progress. For more information, feel free to ask questions at the lecture or via mail. You can also visit our website at (website is in dutch).


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Sunday 14:30 - 15:30

J-POP in cooperation with:
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  • Mindscape
  • Nationaal Videogame Museum
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