Cosplay Without Borders by Fritjof Eckardt

"Cosplay Without Borders" by Fritjof Eckardt

What is cosplay?
More and more young people love to dress up like charakters from anime, manga and videogames. They create their own costumes and learn / train new abilities while creating the costumes. Photographers take pictures of them in their costumes, cosplayers attend contests and making friends with people from other countries.

How cosplay developed?
It started as a hobby of a few people, mostly behind closed doors hidden from general public. But cosplay developed to an activity that many fans worldwide love. New events, spreading of the internet, new technical developments and starting acceptance and interest of general media helped to spread cosplay more and more.

What is the economical and political impact?
During the early years economy and politics doesn’t take cosplay serious, but cosplay developed and now it is a good business (for companies) and advertising for all involved parties. In the meantime it is normal that companies support cosplay events or contest and politicians open or support events. Sometimes (in Japan) even politicians do cosplay at events. Even some cosplayer earn money with cosplay.

If you want to know more about how and what cosplay is in the term of the outside world and beyond of the cosplayer, then make sure to visit this lecture. Fritsof Eckardt is also the creator of the published informative book "Was ist Cosplay".




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