Cultural difference in Cosplay

TaeYeon Kim will talk to and with you about the 'World of Otaku'; how Japanese games, animations and comics conquered the world and how other countries responded to that. Furthermore, she will talk about the cultural differences in cosplay in various countries all over the world: from cosplay-free countries to cosplay-conservative countries, from countries who oppose cosplay and countries who celebrate cosplay. Another point she wants to bring up will be about so-called 'Webtoons'; the change of Korean comics from Japanese style to Korean style. This will be an open discussion, as TaeYeon loves to interact with the people and talk about differences together! So feel free to ask questions and actively participate in the discussion!

Why this world is so full of Otaku? There are a lot of different comics, animation, games in various countries. However, Japanese animation and manga are in everywhere in the world. Why is that? That was the first question of my research. 1. Otaku culture’s pioneer, Japanese Animation Japanese animation opened the door of other countries to accept Japanese otaku culture. For example, there was a Pokemon impact in the USA and from that moment, Japanese games, animations and comics got famous. But what happened in Korea, China, and Europe? Did they welcome the otaku culture? Or try to ban it? The path of otaku culture spread in other countries will be introduced. 2. Cosplay in the world What is cosplay and when did it start? Where did it come from? Cosplay has a short but unique history. Also, it has very different culture in different countries. From cosplay-free countries to cosplay-conservative countries, I’ll show various cosplay cultures in various countries. Aren’t you curious about how Chinese write cosplay? Where others get their costumes? Or share their photos? Every cosplay culture has its own characteristics. 3. Independence of Webtoon Do you know about sad history between Korea and Japan? Because of that sad history, a lot of Japanese culture came in to Korea. That affected Korean comics become very similar to Japanese comics. However, from 2003, Korean comics changed dramatically and became a totally different one called Webtoon. You can check the change of Korean comics from Japanese style to Korean style.


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Sunday 11:00 - 12:00

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