Dansou lecture

The Gentlemen's League, a Dansou Unit with an elegant style comes to Animecon to teach you to create the ultimate Dansou look. In this lecture you will learn about Dansou and practical information about countouring, binders and poses.

The Gentlemen's League will come to Animecon! The Gentlemen's League is a Dansou unit with members in the Netherlands, Romania and the USA and you can find them on Facebook and conventions. They are full of class and therefore Yomi-Ouji and Yuuyami-Hakushaku will promote this elegant style at the convention. Dansou is a Japanese style where those who are born as a woman will dress in clothes designed for men. But it does not limit itself to that: behavior, speech and movement become manly as well. Just clothes do not entirely make the man. During the lecture, Yomi and Yuuyami will together with Arisa and her make-up expertise explain about the details of Dansou and how to apply this to yourself. Topics like Make-up, contouring, binders and posing will be addressed and any questions you might have can be answered as well. The lecture is useful for both those just interested and those who are experienced, and will fit very well for the female crossplayers. The Gentlemen's League is honored to have your attendance.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.




Saturday 20:30 - 21:30

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