Sexuality and Diversity in Japanese Pop-culture

An informative lecture by Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs (PhD).

Representation and cultural diversity matter. On the surface, Japanese pop-culture seems inclusive. LGBT characters are celebrated and erotica are well-read by both men and women. Still, Japanese pop-culture also features abundant sexist tropes. Is this just fan service and comedy, or problematic content? Through poignant examples, Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs explores the daunting world of sexuality and diversity in Japanese pop-culture and its fandom. In this evening lecture, she’ll address things that you might like, such as dõjinshi and crossplay, “moe” and, yes, even the history of tentacle sex. Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs holds a PhD in media studies at Maastricht University. Her doctoral thesis Productive Fandom (2014) explores intermediality and reception in fan cultures. She currently works at International Communication and Media at HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. Her research focuses on participatory culture and new media, specifically the nexus between popular culture, storytelling and play.


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Friday 21:30 - 22:30

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