Deshima Sounds - Anime2015 Edition: Sound Chemistry

                                                                                                Artwork by Kip ©

Grab out your lab coats, light on the fire, get out the clean vials and pay attention, because science will take over. Professor MK*, professor Neodash and professor dnstje will cook up one hell of a science project at "Deshima Sounds - Anime2015 Edition: Sound Chemistry.

In physics, sound is a vibration that propagates as a typically audible mechanical wave of pressure and displacement, through a medium such as air or water. In physiology and psychology, sound is the reception of such waves and their perception by the brain. The speed of sound depends on the medium that the waves pass through, and is a fundamental property of the material. The first  significant effort towards the measure of the speed of sound was made by Newton. He believed that the speed of sound in a particular substance was equal to the square root of the pressure acting on it (STP) divided by its density. A distinct use of the term sound from its use in physics is that in physiology and psychology, where the term refers to the subject of perception by the brain. The field of psychoacoustics is dedicated to such studies. The physical reception of sound in any hearing organism is limited to a range of frequencies. Humans normally hear sound frequencies between approximately 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (20 kHz), The upper limit decreases with age.

In other words, this evening Deshima Sounds will demonstrate you the true scientific way in the physical form. How sound will react with your brain and body. How sound will make your booty shake on whatever speed it may hold. How you can hear sound at different frequencies between low and high. And how you can feel the vibration of sound and crowd.

Neodash Zerox & MK* in action.

MK* and Neodash Zerox started in 2005 as a regular anime disco, but since 2008 they continued under Deshima Sounds. The name is easy to explain. Dejima (出島) used to be the small island in Japan where only the Dutch were allowed to trade with the Japanese. This made it the only place where the Netherlands and Japan met. Exactly what they try to do, now in reverse. Where Deshima was a little Dutch island in Japan, they’re trying to have a Japanese club night in the Netherlands. The Sounds… well, music is made up of sounds, so that explains that. As said, Deshima Sounds is doing their best to promote Japanese club music in the Netherlands. Doing Eurobeat, House, Techno, Dubstep or Hardcore, it doesn't matter, but they try to follow the latest Japanese trends. 

Deshima Sounds will pump up the basslines and kicks on Saturday evening with the quality you’re used too with them. . This is one night you don’t want to miss! "Deshima Sounds - Anime2015 Edition: Sound Chemistry"

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Deshima Sounds Crew


Amazon / Aniway Room


After the BACK-ON concert till around 03:00


'The usual rules apply. Our event room's capacity will be limited to a certain amount of people, so please show up early! Once the room is deemed full by our security staff we will not allow any more people in, unless others decide to leave.


'Whole Weekend' and 'Saturday Only (till midnight)' visitors.

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