The Food court

At the food court you can snack and drink in Asian and Western style. Order your drinks and food at one of the stalls and eat at your leisure at one of the tables.

This is the first year we have such a diversity of caterers. Here we tried to give you an impression of what is for sale here is a short list of the offerings, but we know it is very ‚Äčincomplete‚Äč so you will just have to visit all the stalls and see what is for sale.

Mr. Bento: bento boxes, gyoza, okonomiyaki sticks, sushi, bubble tea, Ramune and many other specialties.

Roppongi: onigiri, takoyaki, yakitoriRamune and other Japanese drinks and sweets.

Ryoma: bento boxes, torikatsu burger, yaki udon, yakisoba pan, Japanese juices.

Spherebay: Japanese crepes, matcha latte, green tea, ice cream.

Specialties Amsterdam: taiyaki, fish shaped Japanese cake with a diversity of fillings, freshly made.

The in-house catering will provide western foods and drinks.


For payment you can buy festival coins at the food court. At some of the location you will be able to use your bank card as well.

The coins - called "Moolah's" - cost 2,50 each and are redeemable both during the festival as well as afterwards at our stand at other conventions.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


The Food Court


Friday 13:30 - Saturday 01:00

Saturday 09:30 - Sunday 01:00

Sunday 09:30 - 16:30

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