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Hey everyone! Clara cow here once more!

Did you folks know that those wonderful people at Animecon finally saw fit to give me my own event! Even is it's for the promotion of clothes wearing humans, still, it's a step in the right direction to fame and glory!

You can find more on my event here!
Well, enough about me (Well, come on, there can never be enough about me) and let's get going with the next interview!
Today I am interviewing the lovely Daria, who is also known as General in the world of Cosplay!
She's one of those Megastars from Russia, you know!



Hello clothes wearing human, can you tell us something about yourself, why you dress up like other people or animals and also, why do you wear clothes?

Hi there Clara!
It’s so nice to meet such a cutie like you!
My name is Daria, I’m a cosplayer from Russia also known as General or cosmokot. I have loved dressing up since I was a kid, but my preferences have never been limited with only puffy girly dresses. Having been into cosplay for more than 7 years now I would say it’s my favorite hobby ever. Cosplay
gives me confidence and makes me believe in my own abilities as a creator and a mastermind when it comes to performances or group projects. I like to test myself with every new project I start and see where it can lead me as a craftswoman.
Of course it won’t be possible without dedication to my favorite fandoms.
I have no choice but to wear clothes… I’m from Russia, it’s so freaking cold here, you know!

What is the image of The Netherlands in your country?

I’ve never been to The Netherlands before but I clearly see it as another lovely country in Europe with all those pretty houses near the river banks. Also, we use the word ‘coffeshop’ in a different meaning than you. I mean, we still have only coffee and cakes served there, nothing else.
As a cow you might be interested to know that your country has always been famous for breeding and exporting the best cows all over the world.

We heard you were a famous human in your habitat. What have you achieved in your clothes wearing profession? I myself was chosen Cow of the Year, due to my immaculate spot pattern on my body for four years in a row.

Oh, congrats on such an achievement, Clara!
I don’t think that I’m that famous. I just love what I do and it attracts people. It’s true, I have a pretty impressive list of awards I got on Russian conventions and even some from Europe. Still, the most amazing thing about cosplay is meeting new people all over the world! At the moment, Russia starts to merge into worldwide cosplay community and my biggest dream is to be honored to represent my country worldwide.

Think big grassy meadow with nice and crisp leaves and of course, no other human smelly things in the area. What would you bring to ruminate for a weekend? You may choose 4 items.

A bag full of food, portable console, antique sewing machine that doesn’t need electricity to work and my cat!

What are your favourite 5 items from Japan?

  • Traditional culture, especially clothes.
  • Some aspects of pop-cilture as well.
  • The way Japanese treat their pets! God, I pray for such a life!
  • Giant fighting humanoid robots!
  • 日本料理はとってもおいしいです! Food of course!

When I go to Japan people often assume I am from Kobe because of the way I look. Do people ever make mistaken assumptions about you because of the way you look and what can you do about it

I speak English without any heavy accent and it’s difficult for people to distinguish where I come from. Interestingly, they never think I’m Russian. I like to compare myself to nations I was mistaken to. The bigger problem is a gender factor. As a crossplayer I face misunderstanding from time to time. Once, I was banned from entering lady’s dressing room at the con because staff member refused to acknowledge me as a female.

When I went on stage for the first time I was really nervous. Then somelone gave me some milk and that helped to calm me down. It wrecked havoc with my digestion afterwards as I am lactose intolerant, but since then I learned that some freshly squeezed alfalfa juice with straw will do the trick whenever I am nervous. Do you have similar tricks for when you and/or your co-actors are nervous?

H-how is it possible to be lactose intolerant? You are a cow! Anyway, I’m sorry for that situation! I hope you feel better about the stage now?
As for me, I don’t have some kind of serious panic attacks before entering the stage. I enjoy showing my costumes to the audience and playing my character role. Instead of nervousness I get over excited and sometimes it’s hard to calm down the euphoria (it’s not really nice when your blood pressure goes up all of a sudden). But the moment I enter the stage and start performing think I no longer about anything disturbing. All you have to do is imagine yourself as your character. They won’t be scared of the stage and people around, they’re brave enough to face it, so be brave too!

When I just started out cosplaying sometimes cows in my herd looked down on me and my passion. This really hurt me at the time. Did you have any similar experiences when you started? What did you say to them? Do you think cosplay is becoming more accepted both as a hobby and as a profession?

Cosplay is a very unique hobby and sometimes it’s hard to explain your passion in dressing up as fictional characters. That’s why I prefer simply not to talk about it with those people who wouldn’t understand the creativity behind the nerdiness. I’m happy to have supportive non-cosplay friends and relatives who like my fancy costumes and photos.
Through the time cosplay has undergone a lot of changes. Well, yeah, some years ago cosplay communities used to live on a sheer enthusiasm, but look at it now! So many awesome opportunities! Cosplay as an industry provides better access to crafting materials and rich variety of supplies like wigs, contact lenses, etc.
Skilled cosplayers can earn money on a daily basis by taking commissions. Cosplayers can travel to different countries and share their experience with each other. Once we even got an invitation to a TV show to tell about the origin of cosplay to a wider audience. Isn’t it wonderful! People really start to get into cosplay!

In my third year as a cosplayer I built a mecha using duct tape and recycled firelighters. Of course the whole thing looked pretty ridiculous and I wouldn't want to wear it now, but I do have really fun memories of it. Do you have some similar cosplay from way back when?

Man, I wish I’d build such a mecha! Thanks for expanding my cosplay plans!
Well, the first thing I saw for my cosplay was a karaginu cut from some old bed sheets. But crafting is an absolutely different story. Use any rubbish that is available and turn into gold and that’s the wisdom of cosplay.

Have you ever done a horned cosplay? If so don't you agree a horned live is better? (If not how do you clean your hooves without horns?)

Well, I know I’d disappoint you but horns are not my thing. I have several demons in my cosplay list and you know they prefer to show in public hornless as etiquette rules require. And cleaning hooves with horns must be one hell of a problem. Or another great yoga position.

My partner Marieke sometimes acts as if she is the only AnimeCon mascot. I hate it when she does that. How do you handle partners hogging all the attention?

Oh, I just have the most amazing cosplay partner in the world because kuroru let me hog as much attention as I want. Haha, just kidding. No, we don’t have a problem like that since we make all our costumes together and attend conventions as a team most of the time. In case one of us goes solo, the other one still supports the project and helps with making, dressing up, competing, etc. I recommend you to find a person who understands the importance of partnership and shares the passion of your favorite hobby with you!

When doing bipadel cosplays you have to stand on your hind legs the whole day. This can get pretty tiresome. Do you have any tips on how to prepare for cosplays when you have to use your body in unnatural ways?

First of all, try your best at making your costume as comfortable as possible, so it won’t cause you any discomfort. Of course sometimes it’s impossible to foresee everything and even comfortable parts may start causing pain if worn for too long. Huge hats or headdresses are the first ones to give you throbbing headache, so take some painkillers with you and don’t forget to drink every half an hour to prevent dehydration. Granola or protein bars are good if you don’t have time to eat. In case of wearing high heels or uncomfortably huge props try to find some time to take them off and relax just a bit.

Thank you for your time!

You're welcome.

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