Hello everyone! Clara here, interviewing some people that like to do dress up of famous people like myself.
These people actually go so far as to wear and make clothes to look like famous others.
Luckily enough, I am of course not like that (because nobody is as famous as I am).
Don’t you think it’s silly to wear clothes, especially in summer times? They get itchy and scratchy and how can you properly ruminate like that?
Oh well, humans…
Any way, here I am, talking with Tsubaki from Australia!

Hello clothes wearing human, can you tell us something about yourself, why you dress up like other people or animals and also, why do you wear clothes?

Cow-like creature! I am Katherine Lee, also known as 'Tsubaki' in the cosplay world. I'm 27 and have been wearing ridiculous clothing for approximately 13years.
Unlike you, human hides aren't particularly warm, so we have to use fabrics or skins to help to keep us warm. One of the most popular materials to use amongst us is LEATHER... It comes from cows... like you... Luckily for you it's Summer in the Netherlands, so your services won't be required, however it is Winter in Australia...

What is the image of The Netherlands in your country?
Our image of your country is that you all walk around with hats with corks on them, drinking XXXX and eating suspicious meat pie and pea soup floats while riding Kangaroos.
I love the Kangaroo bit, because in my country, they all drive in smelly boxes on four wheels.

My entire impression of the Netherlands is really based on movies. I'm very uncultured & I hated Geography as a school subject. I have two major influences on my impression of the Netherlands. Have you seen 'Eurotrip' & have you seen 'The Fault in our Stars'? So in my brain apparently it is a beautiful country, with talented writers, a deep history, special brownies, brothels, & the power to make me cry about things not actually affecting me. I love your country already!

As for your impression of Australia, it's pretty much on the mark. Just add that every animal here can/will kill you, & we have a lot of Bogans who like to drive smelly boxes on four wheels after their XXXX.

We heard you were a famous human in your habitat. What have you achieved in your clothes wearing profession? I myself was chosen Cow of the Year, due to my immaculate spot pattern on my body for four years in a row.

Famous no, infamous yes. I somehow fell face first into two trips to Japan with the World Cosplay Summit, for both 2009 & 2012. Little did they know, they would learn to regret both those decisions.
I did not know your hide was award winning! All the more reason I plan to take it back with me to last out the Australian Winter climate.

Think big grassy meadow with nice and crisp leaves and of course, no other human smelly things in the area. What would you bring to ruminate for a weekend? You may choose 4 items.
First thing's first! Wi-fi, simply because no one from my generation knows how to survive without it. Secondly a solar powered energy generator, to power the Wi-fi. My laptop, to access the Wi-fi, powered by my solar energy generator.
Finally A KNIFE! So I can play Knifey spoony.

What are your favourite 5 items from Japan?
My favourite five items would be pretty bland, and involve the usual things you would expect from a foreigner, so I'm going to list the five most hilarious things I discovered whilst in japan instead:
1. A giant bucket full of lube. (the kind intended for humans, not cars) I can't imagine who would ever need that much lube &/or why, but it was definitely a well stocked item.
2. A enormous half naked lady robot ride, driving around singing from the back of a truck. I'm going to let you imagine as to why this exists.
3. Animegao... Google Image search it!
4. Get off at the station in Akihabara, immediately get propositioned for prostitution. True story! Obviously I declined, or there would be more to this story.       
5. Get off at the station in Shinjuku, immediately get handed a beginners guide to becoming a prostitute in Japan. It had great quotes; such as: “Be gentle it's my first time.” I don't know what they're trying to say about me?

When I go to Japan people often assume I am from Kobe because of the way I look. Do people ever make mistaken assumptions about you because of the way you look and what can you do about it
Well this kind of leads back to my answer to the previous question. Apparently based on experience the people of Japan must believe I'm a Prostitute. As for what I could do about it, maybe breast reduction surgery? Or a sex-change operation might help?

When I went on stage for the first time I was really nervous. Then somelone gave me some milk and that helped to calm me down. It wrecked havoc with my digestion afterwards as I am lactose intolerant, but since then I learned that some freshly squeezed afalfa juice with straw will do the trick whenever I am nervous. Do you have similar tricks for when you and/or your co-actors are nervous?

How can you be Lactose Intolerant?!?!? You're a freaking Cow! All you Produce is Lactose! Did that someone get the Milk from You? Then I know not to try it whilst I'm there. As for relieving stage fright, I'm the worst person to ask. I go through multiple phases within the whole day whenever I have to perform on stage, and they always occur in varying order. This usually involves the following symptoms:
Intense uncontrollable shaking
Sudden bursts of energy
Panic Attacks
Usually I just cross my fingers that it's the Zen phase when I just onto the stage.

When I just started out cosplaying sometimes cows in my herd looked down on me and my passion. This really hurt me at the time. Did you have any similar experiences when you started? What did you say to them? Do you think cosplay is becoming more accepted both as a hobby and as a profession?

Australian cosplay is very young, we started a lot later than the rest of the World seeing as we're so distant from everyone else. Since I started, I've seen every phase of cosplay come through. I think the beginner years were my favourite, as no one sewed, we were just enthusiastic with undeveloped skills. To be your favourite character you just wore similarish clothes you found in your closet, wigs were not necessary, shoes were your runners & everyone had a great time. 
As I got older the cosplay talents grew with me, people started sewing & we actually began to look like the characters we were emulating. Suddenly the Anime World really was coming to life. This was also a fabulous fun time for cosplay.
Recently the scene scares me more as the expansion of social media, and increased knowledge of cosplay as an art form has kind of killed the spirit a little for me. I find people are more judgemental now than they were many years ago. I've noticed that I myself also judge myself & other people more harshly than I used to. This has pushed me a bit more into the professional side as I progress my Career more towards Fashion Design, using the skills I've gained over the many years of Cosplay.

In my third year as a cosplayer I built a mecha using duct tape and recycled firelighters. Of course the whole thing looked pretty ridiculous and I wouldn't want to wear it now, but I do have really fun memories of it. Do you have some similar cosplay from way back when?

My favourite old costumes are probably my ugliest by far, but I have fond memories of simply being ridiculous that I will always respect how I made them as that was half the fun. My Favourites being: 
1. Catbus from My Neighbour Totoro, where I crawled on all fours underneath a sweaty fur covered cardboard box (apparently with my undies sticking out the back, much to my horror).
2. Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, the big suit of armour. I loved having a removable light -up heads, with cat plushies hidden in my belly. It was my first really gimmicky costume & it won me my first real cosplay prize a trip to Japan (I cried like a wuss-bag in shock)

Have you ever done a horned cosplay? If so don't you agree a horned live is better? (If not how do you clean your hooves without horns?)

Are you coming on to me?
The only 'Horny' (& I really do mean that as a double meaning intended) was Devil of Joy from Lamento. He has horns even on his crotch, but I'm not sure how I would clean my shoes using them. You'd have to be pretty flexible. Giggidy!

My partner Marieke sometimes acts as if she is the only AnimeCon mascot. I hate it when she does that. How do you handle partners hogging all the attention?

This is why I partner with Will. He is an attention loving slut. He writes all the blogs for me, & he keeps the creepier of the attention away from me. It's great. Unlike a lot of female cosplayers that I know, I don't get creepy messages from all over the Internet. I like being a bit of a ghost, it allows me time to socialise with close friends and not get physically tackled/assaulted by random people I don't know. Will has the muscles the Clothesline people like that, where I only have squishy boobs for them to bounce off of & they have a comfy landing.
Having attention loving partners is great, there are many things to appreciate about them! Will is also great when I need a confidence boost, he's also a truly great friend, obnoxious as hell, but a great friend.

When doing bipadel cosplays you have to stand on your hind legs the whole day. This can get pretty tiresome. Do you have any tips on how to prepare for cosplays when you have to use your body in unnatural ways?
OH GOD! I'm traumatised doing this to myself every time without intending to. Most fictional characters with complicated costumes will also have unnatural bodies. I have little tricks that work for me, but depending on the situation. Most of the time I torture my body to the point of wishing for sweet death, but sometimes I'm a genius. Simple things like not attaching shoes to the rest of the costume, even when accurately you should, it just saves your life so much to be able to take off those freaking heels throughout the day. Also, making mock heads or arms/hands. These mean you don't have to contort in odd positions that are obscenely unnatural, let the prop do the contorting for you. I don't always follow my own advice, but when I do I'm a genius!

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