Shape Your Body into Cosplay: Training


Lower back pain from watching anime all day long? Curious how training with your own bodyweight can give you Naruto-like strength? Jeremy Regensburg, personal trainer and weightlifter from Jemfit, is here to teach you about getting a stronger, healthier, better looking and pain-free body. No prior knowledge or experience related to sports or the like is necessary. You will learn some very basic principles about strength training and how the body moves. We won't be doing a lot of heavy stuff -unless you really want to- but for the exercises it's best to wear something you can easily move around in. Simple shorts or jogging pants and a t-shirt are definitely a better choice than your furry outfit or Pyramid Head cosplay!

'Whole Weekend Visitors' Visitors

Sessions: Onyx / Dojo.

'The usual rules apply. We do suggest to bring comfortable clothing for during the sessions, changing room will be available.

Sunday  15:00 - 16:00

(Please gather at 15 minutes before start in front of the Dojo)

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