Manga yourself

Yatta!!! So, you want your picture drawn in the Japanese manga art style? Introducing Manga yourself!


At our Manga yourself stand, you can make your most awesome manga pose and we make a picture of it. Kawaii? Dark? Hero? Or even with friends as your favourite anime character? You name it, we frame it!
We have created over more than 250 mangafications in over a year and in each and every drawing we aim for the perfect balance between self-recognition and the professional manga art style.
All our drawings are created digitally, that way you will get a HD resolution so you can have it printed on a poster. Do you want to use it for your twitter, Instagram or Facebook profile? No problem!
And because we use your picture as a reference, you don’t have to sit and wait for us to finish your drawing. In a few days time we send it to your email so you can just relax with your friends and enjoy the convention. SuuuGOI!!


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Yangtze Foyer / Archonia Event Plaza - First Floor


Friday 14:00 - Sunday 16:00

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