Archonia Event Plaza overview

The Archonia Event Plaza is the center of the festival. Before 2016 we had a separate Event Plaza and a Food court, but today you play games, have a drink with your friends, enjoy a workshops, eat a meal and visit a booth throughout the weekend. The Archonia Event plaza is the perfect place to sit down and do something fun.

The new location

The new Archonia Event Plaza occupies half of the ground and first floor. After you have received your badge and optionally dropped your bag off at the bag room or in a locker you immediately enter the Archonia Event Plaza. To your right is the entrance to the Izakaya, a Japanese style pub. To your left is the Anime Open Stage. when the stage is not in use you can use it for group photos or to perform a small impromptu act to try out how it is on stage. During the night we will run a continues short program of mixed Anime series with episodes of less than 10 minutes each. There are also several exhibitor stands in this area, as well as room to sit and eat or relax with your friends.

Passing though the next row of pillars you will see the Information desk in front of you and around you is our main dinner area serving both Western food as well as a Japanese menu served by specialized caterers. 

When ascend the stairs to the first floor you will enter the heart of the Event Plaza with continuous activity from caterers and exhibitors. This is where the Cosplay Repair Point is and there are several exhibitors and continuous workshops offering all kinds of entertainment. This part of the Event Plaza is our non-electronic game room were you can play board games and card games - while enjoying a drink and/or a snack. 


As to food and drinks: on the ground floor to the right of the entrance there will be the Izakaya, our Japanese style pub with snacks and drinks, open until late. There are also the World Cafe and the Pangea restaurant both serving Western food, as well as Mr Bento and Osaka Kitchen offering a wide variety Japanese foods. Attention to all foreigners: this is where  you can buy the famous Dutch stroopwafels!

On the first floor you can get snacks like Crepes, Takoyaki and Taiyaki, but also meals: Japanese Curry, Noodles, Vegan Ramen and (also Vegan) Yakisoba. Drinks include bubble tea, Ramune and Calpis, but of course also water, coffee, tea, Coca Cola and other soft drinks. There are two maid / butler cafe's on this floor. In the Amazon Foyer the Maid Café Sparkling Potpourri switches activity with the Butler Café Royal Roulette, both with a complete new menu. In the Onyx room there is the Neko Neko Ni Maid café with not just snacks and meals, but this year even with a special imouto café section. The doors in the Onyx room are open so AnimeCon visitors can sit outside at a table to get some sun during the weekend. (We are not responsible for any damage to vampires.) Unfortunately we have no permission to serve food and drinks outside, but you are welcome to bring with you what you ordered inside.

For a more detailed list of caterers check our Catering overview.


All visitors


The lobbies on the ground floor and the Mississippi Foyer, Onyx and Yangtze Foyer on the first floor.


Friday: 14:00 - Sunday: 17:00

Sign up

You can sign up here for all workshops and events that require signup at the Information desk, but for the Event Plaza itself no signup is required.

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