Team Netherlands 2016



Deathstrikecosplay & MaGNuM

Cosplayer since:

I’ve (Deathstrikecosplay) been cosplaying since 2013 my partner in crime has been cosplaying since 2014 so we are kinda new on the cosplay scene if you compare us with the other cosplayers but we love every bit of it and continue to improve our cosplays, acts and try to train as hard as we can to be fit or perform our part of the act.

Favourite Anime/Manga or Game:

Favourite anime, manga and or game: wel haha how to choose *We Take a Deep breath * Dragonball-z, deathnote, fist of the north star, violence jack, one piece, hajime no ippo, one punch man pfff dammit we ran out of breath

Thinking of The Netherlands:

Well the fact that we have lived in the Netherlands most of our lives, I can tell you my fav thing is how laid back we are with certain things and that we are open minded for new developments giving us the possibility to grow :)

Foto by: arian asghari

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