Indie Saturday

On the Saturday of the convention there will be a big group of independent developers in the Gameroom showcasing their projects!
Drop by to talk to the developers, ask them questions, give them feedback and of course to play their games!
The following games will be shown:

Herald - Wispfire

Herald is an interactive period drama set during the 19th century. It plays as a mix between an adventure game and a visual novel. You are Devan Rensburg, a steward of mixed-heritage working on board of the HLV Herald, a ship sailing for your land of birth, the Eastern Colonies. As steward it's your job to take care of all the passengers, be they rich or poor, important or downtrodden. Set during a time of great inequality and injustice, players are given the choice how to deal with various dilemmas resulting from 19th century colonialism. An early version of Herald was shown at Anime 2015 and we look forward to the progress they made since last year! Herald is set to release Q2 2016, more info can be found on:

Through Games - FRU

FRU is an Xbox One puzzle platformer which features an innovative use of the Kinect peripheral, using the player’s silhouette as a “mask” between worlds.
More information can be found on:


Degoma - Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world.


“Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is the first game by degoma, a platform game born in the tradition of old marios. But Reggie (a tomato, by the way), can do even more fun stuff: among others, he has de ability to control gravity and he can bury into the ground to hide from enemies and find unseen treasures.

You start controlling Reggie (and his cousin if there is a player two) in a mysterious forest in the middle of the night. Slowly, while you develop your abilities, you find out why you are supposed to be there, meet more relevant characters and reveal some more pieces of the story until the whole picture makes (somehow) sense. Follow Reggie on his adventure and find out why things in the Universe do not march as they are supposed to.

TurtleBlaze - Intergalactic Road Warriors


Intergalactic Road Warriors is a side scrolling combat racing game set in outer space. A violent grand prix which takes place on a wide range of planets. You have been invited to join this intergalactic tournament, a battle royale to the finish line.
Now available on early access:

2Awesome Studio - Dimension Drive

The universe is composed of infinite dimensions. Many millennia ago, in one of these dimensions the Ashajuls rose to power. Spaceflight granted them total domination of their galaxy. They rapidly conquered other races, turning them into slaves to further expand their war-machine.

Terror, oppression and desolation reached every corner of the universe. But the Ashajuls wanted more. The discovery of the Dimension Drive allowed them to start a war to conquer all the infinite dimensions of the universe. The Dimension Wars will last forever…

Jackelyne Tywood (a.k.a Jack) is the only survivor of her race, obliterated by the Ashajuls. She was found orbiting planet Vain inside The Manticore when she was only a child along with her personal guardianartificial intelligence, V.E.R.A. The Manticore is the only known ship in the universe with Dimension Drive capability besides the Ashajuls. Atthe age of 14 she was already the best pilot in Vain’s fleet. The only
recollection of her past is a data cube with a recording of her father
last words:
“Jack, run! Live, be happy. We love you!” - Available on steam later this year.

Digital Dreams - Metrico+

Metrico+ is an input-driven game in a world of infographics. All the barcharts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. One bar diagram might grow for every step you walk to the left, while another could decline with every jump you make. You will have to exploreMetrico+ and carefully analyze your every move to see how it affects the world, and whether it will get you further. This mechanic is called “Input Morphing” and it makes you think about actions you normally don’t think about. Metrico+ is a combination of exploration, skill, experimentation, but most of all: thinking outside of the box.

Dreampunks - The Automatician

The Automatician is a 3-Dimensional puzzle game with an emphasis on immersion.

In The Automatician, players will explore a Victorian mansion at their leisure, as well as design and craft Rube Goldberg Machines to solve puzzles and uncover secrets.

More info at

Eendhoorn - SpiritSphere

What do you get when you mash together air-hockey and classic action-RPG games?
That's right, SpiritSphere!

SpiritSphere is a competitive sports game set in a classic RPG
world. The premise is simple, wack the orb into your opponent's goal!
Take a pick from unique characters with their own unique abilities and run, slash and dash your way to victory!

Battle in multiple arena's filled with enemies, traps and other stage hazards.
Luck not on your side? Turn the tide by collecting different items that can turn the game around.

The 8-bit art-style has drawn inspiration from great classic titles, the game even uses the NES color palette and restrictions!

SpiritSphere has been greenlit on steam!

Alterego Games & Digital Forest - Woven

(pre-alpha footage)

Woven is a heartfelt puzzle adventure game in which you explore a knitted world where stuffed animals have come to life. Players continuously customize their character by mixing different body parts to solve puzzles and bravely confronting the dangers that lurk beneath the soft surface.
A game about friendship, adventure and creativity.
Woven is in early development so you get to provide feedback on it in it's early design fase. There will be a kickstarter for Woven later this year.

RoboDodo - TongueFu Candy Gods 

Originally an entry for the #indiesvspewdiepie gamejam made in only 72 hours! They are now working on a more fleshed out version with even more candy, tongues and muscles!

Oil up, be fabulous and eat candy !
Be witness to the cycle of life and death and the struggle for survival in between.
An old god of candy breaths his last breath and rebirths into two opposing avatars. Which avatar will climb the sacred icecream moutain
first and inherit the celestial throne?
Also with mustaches.

RoboDodo website:
A preview of TongueFu Candy gods can be played here.

Mortar Boar - Nimbi

Nimbi is a puzzle exploration game which takes place in the imaginative world of a kid named Nimbi. In this world, Nimbi is in search of explanations for the mysterious disappearance of his friend. On his way, Nimbi
will collect various animal-onesies which give him unique abilities.
These will help him find clever ways to overcome complex obstacles and challenges.

Vote for Nimbi on steam greenlight:

Arcane Circus - Crap! I’m Broke: Out of Pocket

"Crap! I'm Broke" is a fast paced, hectic, money making frenzy.

It's almost the end of the month and you haven't paid your bills yet! On top of that, it turns out... You don't have enough money! Quick, you need to get some cash NOW and pay those bills before you get evicted! So get out the door, find a job and go make some money! Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
Don't forget to eat... Crap! I'm broke...

More information at
Arcane Circus will soon release on iOS and Android with even more features and jobs.



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