Russia vs Japan 1904-1905

In 1904 the giant naval base of Port Arthur is nearing completion as well as a revolutionary new transport route that will enable the evil Russian emperor to project power near Japan as never before. The rebellious Japanese decide they prefer to go down fighting rather than to give in, even though they have little hope: they aren't white, let alone European!

The result is a thrilling prequel to the First World War showcasing all the terrible industrial efficiency of modern weaponry on land and on sea.

The Japanese flagship Mikasa

After one and a half year of hard fighting the Japanese army and navy have won every battle. Two Russian fleets are resting in peace, the Japanese army has captured southern Manchuria including the base at Port Arthur and is poised to sever the transport route!

However: the costs of all these victories was higher in men and material than the rebel forces can allow! The Japanese army is exhausted after loosing ten of thousands of men and the navy is severely weakened. The Russian Empire may have lost more troops but they are only beginning to transfer their huge army to the East. The new transport route is finished and they are almost ready for the next round! 

Can anyone help the Japanese rebel forces to overthrow the old order?


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Antarctica / Runuri Room


Saturday 16:00 - 17:00

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