Shape your body into cosplay: Nutrition

Maybe you want to know how to eat pizza and still lose weight. Maybe you want to learn how to eat healthier and feel better. In one hour, we'll go over some basics on nutrition and how to implement those basics into practice.

Do you want to lose some weight to fit better into your cosplay outfit? Do you want to build more muscle to resemble a Marvel character? or do you simply want to get healthier? 'Shaping your body' can be part of your cosplay, or lifestyle. Although it is by no means a necessity to have the same body type as a videogame- or anime- character to have fun with cosplay, but if you *want* go the extra mile to look like character even more then shaping your body can give you the tools to get started the right way.Because the thing is - how do you go about it? How can you adapt your nutrition to different goals, and maybe even eat a slice of cake or two along the way, guilt-free? Jeremy,a personal trainer and Olympic weightlifter, from Jemfit ( Usually recognized at conventions as Wolverine, will use methods and principles from both science and high-level sports that anyone (from n00b to athlete) can use. Regardless whether you have a lot or a little knowledge on nutrition, you can probably pick up some useful information on the subject here. Anyone can at the least take a few tips home to work with in their own time! Make sure to bring pen and paper to take notes!


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Antarctica / Runuri Room


Saturday 17:30 - 18:30

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