Pub Quiz by Super Golden Events

A quiz in a pub! Test your knowledge of Japanese culture with your team and compete for the prizes! Maximum of 5 members per team, register your team at the quiz master before the first round starts! Participation is free of charge!

A pub quiz is all about having a good time while having a nice drink with friends. The setting is usually a bar or pub and there will be several rounds of questions which are worth points. The rounds are in theme, e.g. a picture round, a music round and the AnimeCon themed round. In between rounds there will be a short break so the judges can collect your answers and count the points per team.

Teams are limited to five persons per team, this is to keep things fair as more people probably know more answers. There can be as many teams as space permits, it is also possible to join during the later rounds.

What if I just google the answers on my phone?
Then you will be disqualified! Cheating is not permitted, anyone caught cheating will be eliminated! You are allowed to use your phone in between rounds.

Is there anything to win?
Good question, yes! The team with the most points will get a prize. Besides that there will be bonus rounds with bonus prizes! So if your team is horrible and isn't getting any points, then you still have a chance to get lucky and win one of the bonus prizes during the bonus rounds!


You can signup at the Anime Open Stage starting from 19:30


The usual rules apply.


The Lobby 1 / Anime Open Stage


Friday 20:00 - 22:30

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