Today, Clara flew to the US again, with all her shots in order.
Still inside the air terminal she got given a card by a Scotsman, a Mr. McDonald who wanted her to look at the kitchen of his restaurant.
She politely refused, because AnimeCon staff told her not to hang out with strange males.
And this guy was cosplaying as a clown too!

Anyway, Clara interviewed cosplayer and stage actor Kev for us this time.


Hello all, this is the famous Clara Cow, you know, the great looking, Kobe approved Bovine Super Hero Reporter and Idol singer from Animecon in The Netherlands.

We heard you are famed in your stables as well, can you tell us a bit of who you are and why bovines and maybe the lowly humans recognise your skill?
Well, first of all Clara, I would like to say that you look absolutely DELICIOU- err, very lovely today. Very lovely indeed. As for me, I’ve been an award winning cosplayer and professional performer up and down the United States, from New York to Washington to Philadelphia to Chicago, and I’m definitely hungr- err, excited to be here!

My human servants at Animecon massage me every day and if the weather is nice, I enjoy ruminating in the sun in our great pastures. What is your favourite way to relax and what do you consider a great day out?
Barbecue. Definitely barbecue.

Humans have this weird compulsion to wear clothes, we heard you like to dress up too. I've tried it once and made myself look just like Bertha 1, the famous milk cow, I even made my own strap-on udders. Do you make your own costumes? And what do you find the most challenging to create, costume wise? 
Surprisingly, the hardest parts of costuming for me isn’t the armor or the props, but the fabric! There is something absurdly difficult, for who knows what reason, for pattern drafting and sewing.

Say you are on a un-inhabited pasture with me, we would have some food and stuff and have great meaningful discussions. What would you bring (5 things) and what would we talk about, other than me?
Okay okay, no steak jokes. Promise. (Mmmmm, steak….)
Here’s what we’d do: we’d bring a TV, a PS4, an infinite power source, and a copy of “Destiny”. I would play “Destiny”. For, like, 14 hours a day. And we would talk about “Destiny” and how awesome I am at “Destiny” and how good “Destiny” is and OH GOD WHY WON’T YOU JUST DECRYPT THE FREAKING ENGRAMS INTO ACTUALLY GOOD FREAKING GEAR, RAHOOL WHY GOD WHY!?!?! 

This costume make thing, what is your favourite one that you made your self, and what did you consider a total failure and why? Would you re-make it if you had the opportunity? (pictures please) 
It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one of them has to be my old Leon Kennedy costume from Resident Evil 4. It was his RPD uniform, and I just felt like a total BAD ASS wearing it.
More recently, I’ve been so into comic and comic-based TV show costumes, and I have to say that my Arsenal costume is beyond beautiful and beyond amazing and I just want to ride around on my motorcycle and fight crime in it.
For failure, no comment (right pic)

Aside from me, of course, whom do you consider great cosplayers and why? 
Well, I’d clearly be reminisce to not mention Etaru as one of the most awesome (and gorgeous) cosplayers out there, but most of the cosplayers I respect the most are ones that have worked the hardest not just at their costumes, but at, well, everything, and people I like to consider friends.
So probably Yaya.

If I would come to your pastures, which food would we eat? I would feed you Berta 1's best cheese and only premium grass if you came to mine. 
Well if you’re just gonna outclass me before I can even ANSWER the question…. Just kidding, we’d probably have a lot of bourbon. Because AMERICA.

As a Cow, I worry about climate change and try to reduce my CO2 footprint by trying to exude less methane. Aside from that, I worry about those humans planting cheaper grass types. What things do you worry about?
I’m not gonna lie, a big concern for me is, I’m sure, one that concerns you, too. And that is, of course, the west’s reliance on red meat as a source of protein. Like, how can we curb this problem to make sure that fine individuals like yourself can be free to roam and live life not in- wait, you guys actually can’t survive on your own in the wild, can you? You’re, like… totally domesticated now, and unable to feed yourselves or even give birth without assistance, right?

Hmmm. Okay, I guess then, like, gun violence or whatever.

Animecon is rather unique on the northern part of the European main land, as it runs 52 hours non-stop and has night programming.
Do they have events like that on your pastures? 


Which event or events would you recommend and why?

Being the beautiful specimen that I am, I often encounter jealousy, do you encounter this too and how do you deal with it? I just put my hoof down on their head and sometimes even use my horns. It makes me really angry. 
You know, Clara, I haven’t ever really resorted to full-on physical violence. … Does it work?

If you require some peace and quiet but have flies zooming around you, what do you do about that? I use my tail to swat at them, but sometimes that is just not enough. My peers suggested just dropping one and move away from it, but I do consider that rather vulgar. Can you think of a more elegant solution for me? 
So listen, here’s what I think we can do to solve two problems: number one, the flies. Number two, your life needing to be MORE AWESOME.
See, we attach, like, six roman candles to your tail, and then you just spit THAT around and before you know it, no more flies, AND tons of spectators to watch Clara The Combustible Cow!

Just, uh… don’t fart, whatever you do.

When posing for the camera, especially after I have been ruminating, I sometimes drool a bit from the corner of my mouth. How do you work with photo opportunities and especially with those camera people that think they know what your best side is or how you should pose? 
The first thing I tell ‘em is, “Hey! I drool. So make sure to clean that up in post.” In all seriousness, though, the number one thing I like to do around people when getting photos done is just relax. There needs to be not only a level of comfort between a subject and a photographer, but also a trust in one another and one another’s artistry. Modelling and costuming are arts just like photography, but it very different ways. It’s the space between where each artist trusts the other that’s where the magic lives.

When I went to Nagoya with Marieke to compete in the World Cosplay Summit, some parts of our costumes fell off because due to the temperature, the hot glue melted. Marieke immediately got all attention because most of her chest piece fell off (I think she did it on purpose to get more attention than me). What would you consider the best construction method for armour pieces when it's really hot? 
Just let it fall off. Let ‘em see the goods, it’s why they’re here!

Some of my herd think that sewn costumes can't compare to armours. If you had to judge sewn costumes and armours, what would be the points you would look at and how would you find a way to equally score a sewn costume and an armour? 
The two aren’t terribly far apart from one another when one focuses on the details. While I’m partial to painted and sculpted art, the details of sewn costumes are so exacting that when you see well-tailored, well-constructed garments, the sartorialist in me is just blown away.
In the same vein, when you see armor that’s evenly painted, sealed, and just fits and moves well, that’s a sight to behold.
And sometimes, it’s the combination of skill and vision that brings the whole thing together whether it’s cotton and thread or worbla and foam.

A recent trend for female cosplayers is to dress up in daring outfits to become more popular. Some of them went so far as to cosplay as me. As a result of this, cosplayers who sometimes wear a daring outfit because they really like the character or creating that particular outfit is a big challenge for them are being called names. What would you recommend these young ladies to do? 
HATERS TO THE LEFT. Really, stop doing things for other people, and start doing things for yourself. When your sense of approval comes from within whether your costume is dental floss and Pocky sticks or seventeen burlap sacks sewn into a hooded gown, you’ll feel good because it’s something that you made and that you are proud of for the sake of the work you put in to it. THEN you can go with the HATERS TO THE LEFT approach.

In the US, there have been quite some incidents of cosplayers getting molested by people, mostly at Comic Cons. An awareness program, Cosplay is not Con Scent was launched.  Would you molest cosplayers that smell bad?
Not gonna lie, this is actually an alarmingly serious issue and nobody should be molesting anybody.
Or smelling bad for that matter. MFers need to take a shower, yo.

Milk or Dark? 
Dark. Because PSSSST, super secret: I’m lactose intolerant! Bwahahahahaa!

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