Luca Buzzi

Hi, I am the famous Clara Cow, you know, the great looking, Kobe approved Bovine Super Hero Reporter and Idol singer from Animecon in The Netherlands.
Today I went to Italy to speak for the Italian Milkboard about the abuse of Cow milk in Mozarella. Aftarwards, I was relaxing with Luca and he agreed to do an interview with me!

We heard you are famed in your stables as well, can you tell us a bit of who you are and why bovines and maybe the lowly humans recognise your skill?

First of all, I want to thank you and your species for your milk, which I always enjoy drinking... In the cosplay world, I'm known for participating in the World Cosplay Summit twice, getting first and second place.
Furthermore, I've been recognized for some foolish ideas which I use in my performances, not less worthy than those of Willy the Coyote.

My human servants at Animecon massage me every day and if the weather is nice, I enjoy ruminating in the sun in our great pastures. What is your favourite way to relax and what do you consider a great day out? 

As many other fools of my species, I like to get tired needlessly; in my specific case, I use a bicycle to go around the streets. Also, I don't dislike spending a full day in front of a good Nintendo videogame.

Humans have this weird compulsion to wear clothes, we heard you like to dress up too. I've tried it once and made myself look just like Bertha 1, the famous milk cow, I even made my own strap-on udders. Do you make your own costumes? And what do you find the most challenging to create, costume wise? 

If it's about making plastic armor or sculpting wood for props and weapons I know what to do and I like doing it. If it comes to sewing or wig-styling, I'd rather give up.

What I enjoy the most is to experiment with shapes and items which I've never tried before, so I hardly work on the same thing twice; if I can also throw in some mechanisms, even better!

Say you are on a un inhabited pasture with me, we would have some food and stuff and have great meaningful discussions. What would you bring (5 things) and what would we talk about, other than me?

You should never go out without a 3DS with an unfinished game to kill time!
Also, a camera for capturing the landscape, a bicycle to improve transportation and a comfy backpack to go on an adventure!

What to talk about? I like hearing about the ways and experiences of people from other places: there's always something to learn and, even though it might seem trivial to those telling the tale, I hardly find it so.

This costume make thing, what is your favourite one that you made your self, and what did you consider a total failure and why? Would you re-make it if you had the opportunity? (pictures please) 

My favorite costume is Griffith from Berserk, for which I tried to be as precise as possible and obtained satisfactory results (even though perfection is still far away).

The costumes I made, even if bad, have been necessary steps and experiments. They took me to my current level, so I don't consider them total failures; although some performances were definitely shameful, such as that from the game Rock Band. Anyway, a costume I'd like to remake is Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, one of my very first, made for Carnival before I even knew what cosplay was.

Aside from me, of course, whom do you consider great cosplayers and why? 

One of the cosplayers I admire most is the Italian Mauro Ridolfi, whose thermoformed items have a quality superior to that of anyone else.
Speaking of stage presence and acting ability, I've always like Mauricio and Monica Somenzari from Brazil a lot.

If I would come to your pastures, which food would we eat? I would feed you Berta 1's best cheese and only premium grass if you came to mine. 

We Italians are famous for food! The TRUE Italian pizza (not that Pizza Hut's thing) has to be tasted, absolutely!
Also, in Milan we have yellow rice with saffron and the "ossobuco" (but maybe we'll leave that aside, so you won't risk becoming a cannibal).
Oh, I'll count on Berta's cheese then, I always like to have good cheese during my meals!

As a Cow, I worry about climate change and try to reduce my CO2 footprint by trying to exude less methane. Aside from that, I worry about those humans planting cheaper grass types. What things do you worry about?

I sometimes worry about human cubs having their intellect reduced, instead of augmented, after 10 years spent among youtubers and other false idols on the internet.
As a consequence, I'd like to create a selective virus capable of eliminating stupid people from this planet, but I'm afraid that too few humans capable of reproduction would be left.

Animecon is rather unique on the northern part of the European main land, as it runs 52 hours non-stop and has night programming. Do they have events like that on your pastures? 

Even the most important events in Italy play Cinderella: they disappear at midnight to let poor human organizers rest. :(

Which event or events would you recommend and why? 

In Italy we have Lucca Comics and Games, at the end of October. The old medieval town becomes a massive con for four days, where fantasy, videogames and comics are all mixed up and cosplayers go around everywhere. It's my favorite con together with Romics, where you can see some of the best costumes and most interesting performances, thanks to the WCS selection.

Being the beautiful specimen that I am, I often encounter jealousy, do you encounter this too and how do you deal with it? I just put my hoof down on their head and sometimes even use my horns. It makes me really angry. 

Some people in Italy believe that there are some "first class" cosplayers who treat others badly because they feel superior. Being myself a renowned veteran, I'm apparently part of this "class" too. In fact, some were quite shocked when I made friends with them despite the fact that they were not famous.
Anyway, I'm aware that some people may hold grudges or be envious of others, thus I prefer to keep a low profile to minimize eventual misunderstandings.

I don't even bother starting crusades against someone or something, unless it's needed to defend Nintendo.

If you require some peace and quiet but have flies zooming around you, what do you do about that? I use my tail to swat at them, but sometimes that is just not enough. My peers suggested just dropping one and move away from it, but I do consider that rather vulgar. Can you think of a more elegant solution for me? 

When I'm faced with annoying people, being violence and the termination of other human beings illegal, I had to invent alternative solutions to handle them.
Indeed, being conscious of one's natural superiority helps a lot. Then, if I want to help my counterparts, I deal with the cause of annoyance by talking directly to the person; if it's not enough, I spread the word of said annoyance and start ignoring the source. In the meantime, I keep working on the selective virus to eliminate stupids from this planet, which proceeds together with the construction of sentient killing machines...

When posing for the camera, especially after I have been ruminating, I sometimes drool a bit from the corner of my mouth. How do you work with photo opportunities and especially with those camera people that think they know what your best side is or how you should pose? 

I'm not really into photosets so, when it comes to them, I tend to trust the photographer's requests. Often it's the photographer himself to ask me the character's typical poses, so we all agree on the pics being taken.
Moreover, I'm lucky enough not to have organic components that I'm embarassed of or that I want to emphasize.

When I went to Nagoya with Marieke to compete in the World Cosplay Summit, some parts of our costumes fell off because due to the temperature, the hot glue melted. Marieke immediately got all attention because most of her chest piece fell off (I think she did it on purpose to get more attention than me). What would you consider the best construction method for armour pieces when it's really hot? 

In fact, I brought Griffith's armor to Nagoya with me in 2011 and I was terrified the pieced could be ruined. Luckily, the pvc and poliver I use need temperatures higher than 150° to be deformed. Plus, plastic glues don't melt so my technique is certified against Nagoya's heat.

Some of my herd think that sewn costumes can't compare to armours. If you had to judge sewn costumes and armours, what would be the points you would look at and how would you find a way to equally score a sewn costume and an armour? 

Years ago, I thought that the complexity of realizing armor made it superior to a dress. Then armor making techniques became simpler and at the same time I learned what the actual difficulties of sewing a dress could be, so I know believe they are equivalent.

When I judge armor, I look at complexity (mobile parts, curves, dimensions) before trying to spot eventual flaws (if it looks like the original, mistakes in the paintjob, visible parts of harness that should be hidden, asymmetry, pieces' thickness, materials...).
With a dress it's pretty much the same (plus looking for loose threads), but to judge its complexity I check the amount of details/embroidery/hand-painting, if the costume is tight (harder) or more puffy (generally simpler) or if it has defying-gravity elements.

A recent trend for female cosplayers is to dress up in daring outfits to become more popular. Some of them went so far as to cosplay as me. As a result of this, cosplayers who sometimes wear a daring outfit because they really like the character or creating that particular outfit is a big challenge for them are being called names. What would you recommend these young ladies to do? 

If you're cosplaying as a character you love and you're acting like her properly, people at con will hardly think you're doing it to show off.
For pictures it is a bit different, but staying in character for every pose remains a good solution to avoid criticism.

In the US, there have been quite some incidents of cosplayers getting molested by people, mostly at Comic Cons. An awareness program, Cosplay is not Con "Scent" was launched.  Would you molest cosplayers that smell bad?

Cosplayers who look for popularity through questionable costumes without even nowing the character they're playing don't deserve any mercy: I'm in favor of give them to the wolves (the smartest ones could even earn some money for it). For the others, it could be useful to have a shepherd dog with them, reminding wolves to keep their distance. In case they don't have a brother/parent/friend, they can form a pack for a more efficient self-defense.

Milk or Dark? 

Milk, of course!

Grazi Mille, Luca!

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