Manuel Capitani

Bon Giorno!

Clara made a pitstop in Italy after returning from the USA. She met and interviewed the charming Manuel Capitani.


We heard you are famed in your stables as well, can you tell us a bit of who you are and why bovines and maybe the lowly humans recognise your skill?
Hi Clara! Thanks for taking your time from eating grass and walk around to interview me! I'm know in the cosplay world for participating to the WCS representing Italy in 2015! Also I'm know for some small events in Italy that I organize and for some big cosplay groups that won in big events around our country

My human servants at Animecon massage me every day and if the weather is nice, I enjoy ruminating in the sun in our great pastures. What is your favourite way to relax and what do you consider a great day out?
The best way to relax for me, as a human and almost an android (for all the love I have for this machine called “Personal Computer”), is to relax working on 3D models, or by playing video games off-line and on-line.. I enjoy to live great adventures alone or without friends!

Humans have this weird compulsion to wear clothes, we heard you like to dress up too. I've tried it once and made myself look just like Bertha 1, the famous milk cow, I even made my own strap-on udders. Do you make your own costumes? And what do you find the most challenging to create, costume wise?
I love to dress up! I'm more focused on the way I play a character, then the creation of the dress or weapon itself. But sometimes it happens that I create the schemes to reproduce something and create it. Usually I only follow the more technical side by helping my father to create the base, then when the object is complete I start to colour it and to give it all the various final details.

Say you are on a un inhabited pasture with me, we would have some food and stuff and have great meaningful discussions. What would you bring (5 things) and what would we talk about, other than me?
5 things to bring with me.. Well, a mobile phone or a similar tool with music on it, and of course some headphones! Maybe in this case a stereo or something similar, I love to listen to music and to share my tastes with other people! Also a camera to take pictures of us and of the beautiful pasture! Another thing that I would love to bring is a piece of paper with a pencil, I love to sketch up sometimes.
About the talking side, I would love to talk about present facts, world problems, etc. Also an interesting topic are mysterious things like ghosts, etc!

This costume make thing, what is your favourite one that you made your self, and what did you consider a total failure and why? Would you re-make it if you had the opportunity? (pictures please)
The favourite one I made myself (even if with the help of my father and friend) is Tirion Fordring from World of Warcraft! It's old, but I still love its look. The one that should probably be reworked and that I'd love to bring again is Zack from Crisis Core.. but I'm still waiting to gain more weight and muscles to do it again!


Aside from me, of course, whom do you consider great cosplayers and why?
For me, one of the greatest cosplayer, on the crafting side, is Matteo Artemis, an Italian cosplayer. He is not well known outside from Italy, but his cosplays are perfect and are a lot different one from another. On the exhibition side it's Daniela “Selaine” Maiorana. She arrived second at WCS representing Italy and her exhibitions always have great and new ideas inside.

If I would come to your pastures, which food would we eat? I would feed you Berta 1's best cheese and only premium grass if you came to mine.
You should totally try “tortellini” or “polenta”! I'm sure you would totally love them.

As a Cow, I worry about climate change and try to reduce my CO2 footprint by trying to exude less methane. Aside from that, I worry about those humans planting cheaper grass types. What things do you worry about?
I'm really worried about the meaningless fights that people have, about religion, about nationalism, about all these things that can inspire you, but that shouldn't put people to kill other people. We should all work together, work a brighter future, to give men a better life and to bring them where they never went.

Animecon is rather unique on the northern part of the European main land, as it runs 52 hours non-stop and has night programming. Do they have events like that on your pastures?
We don't have anything like this! We only had some special closed events, half way historical events, half way cosplay events, were people dressed up as anime/movie characters from 1800 and took pictures in the day, then danced all together in the night on songs like valzer, etc..

Which event or events would you recommend and why?
I would totally recommend Lucca Comics & Games. It's a really huge and special events, it would be amazing for anyone!

Being the beautiful specimen that I am, I often encounter jealousy, do you encounter this too and how do you deal with it? I just put my hoof down on their head and sometimes even use my horns. It makes me really angry.
Sadly it is common in cosplay, even more common were people are a lot competitive. In Italy cosplayers are split in two, one side is ok with competition, the other doesn't want any kind of competition. Anyway jealousy also happens between people that don't want competition, sadly facebook or other social networks helps these kind of things.. people love to chat, to talk about things they don't know/don't fully understand.

If you require some peace and quiet but have flies zooming around you, what do you do about that? I use my tail to swat at them, but sometimes that is just not enough. My peers suggested just dropping one and move away from it, but I do consider that rather vulgar. Can you think of a more elegant solution for me?
If I need some peace, I simply act to obtain it! Usually by don't giving any attention to these flies. Anyway, I usually think about what these flies wanted.. and If I think that even in a small part they were right, I'll try to fix the problem, so If I meet these flies again, they won't bother me.

When posing for the camera, especially after I have been ruminating, I sometimes drool a bit from the corner of my mouth. How do you work with photo opportunities and especially with those camera people that think they know what your best side is or how you should pose?
Usually I try to give them dynamic poses, and to adapt myself to their positioning, so they'll have a better photo. Then I try to check their work if possible, just to be sure that they'll pictures will bring justice to the hard work put on the cosplay.

When I went to Nagoya with Marieke to compete in the World Cosplay Summit, some parts of our costumes fell off because due to the temperature, the hot glue melted. Marieke immediately got all attention because most of her chest piece fell off (I think she did it on purpose to get more attention than me). What would you consider the best construction method for armour pieces when it's really hot?
The  best construction method is to use material that doesn't care about “human hot”. If you use glue and material that “melt” only over 80°/90° you will be sure that everything will stay in place. Another really important thing is to be sure that the structure is done correctly, so anything will fall off for other reason other than temperature.

Some of my herd think that sewn costumes can't compare to armours. If you had to judge sewn costumes and armours, what would be the points you would look at and how would you find a way to equally score a sewn costume and an armour?
It's a really, really hard task. In general usually you give more points and attention to an “appealing” costume, even if it has flaws.. and usually armours seems to be more appealing. It's always really important to focus on details, on how well a costume is done, it's not important if it's an armour or a sewn costume.
Again, that is really hard, but is possible!

A recent trent for female cosplayers is to dress up in daring outfits to become more popular. Some of them went so far as to cosplay as me. As a result of this, cosplayers who sometimes wear a daring outfit because they really like the character or creating that particular outfit is a big challenge for them are being called names. What would you recommend these young ladies to do?
Doing cosplay is, or at least should be, the portrayal of the love for the cosplayed character. The most important thing is to show this, that you love your character and you know it, not just to show yourself as the famous character of the moment, but that you think that this cosplay is the right one for you. If you act like this, also a only-bikini character will result as a great cosplay.

In the US, there have been quite some incidents of cosplayers getting molested by people, mostly at Comic Cons. An awareness program, Cosplay is not Con Scent was launched.  Would you molest cosplayers that smell bad?
I wouldn't molest any cosplayer! Not even if the smell bad dear Clara!
Anyway, I think that an awareness program about cosplayer smell is really really important. Similar programs started also here in Italy, also here stupid people think that is right to molest cosplayers that smell bad, and that's really, really wrong.

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