Video program overview

We are not called AnimeCon for nothing. We have a 24 hour program at several locations throughout the festival. A full program of films and series, Anime and Live Action will be delivered to you at full HD. 

The video program is always one of the last items we can complete as we want to show you the newest films and series, in some cases series still airing in Japan, but there are some things we already know.

Daytime program

During the day we will have three video rooms on the first floor showing a continuous program. 

While the video rooms are ideal places to wind down a bit and relax, consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in these rooms. The video program is continuous with at most a couple of minutes pause between screenings. This means we cannot clean the rooms during the day.

The Mississippi

The Mississippi is where we show movies and special video items.

Yangtze 1 & 2

In the two Yangtze rooms we show Anime and Live action series. Try to find out what is so special about the series in Yangtze 1 as this will be a question at Anime Quiz on Sunday.

Night program

The greatest innovation in 2016 will be that during the night the film program moves down to the ground floor to two locations where you actually can have a drink while watching video!

The Anime Open Stage

While most anime we watch on DVD or Bluray comes in 24 minute episodes, Japan has an excellent supply of short Anime series. During the night we will show many these shorts on the screens of the Anime Open Stage during 18+ episodes per hour. These are often hilarious and we can show many of the series only at night as they are not suitable for a younger public.

Alexia room / Ushi Comat Dojo

The greatest innovation in the film program this year is the new Alexia room, used during the day as the Ushi Combat Dojo. In the evening we will use this room first for the Sake tastings and then we leave the chairs and tables in place and convert the room to a luxury movie theater for the night, where you can nip your refreshments seated behind a table while watching our infamous night program.

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