Interactieve Thermoplastic Workshop

Are you just beginning on making Armor Cosplays and don’t really know where to start? What materials to use, how to use them and how they behave? Join AkumaTenshi Cosplay, Team MMMC and Partners in this Interactive workshop, and take your first few steps!

Returning for a third time in a row; The Interactive Thermoplastics workshop will once again take Place at Animecon.
Never worked with a expensive material Such as “Worbla”, or with “Craftfoam” before, but you do wish to start making your own armors/props, but the lack of knowledge keeps you from starting on this?
Join this Interactive workshop to get some first-hand Experience with the materials Provided and get a feeling with how these materials work!
Or, If you have some Questions in general for your project, Feel free to come on over and we’ll help you the best we can!
Hosted by:
AkumaTenshi Cosplay (
Team MMMC (
Juu-Chan (
Toki MMMC (


Not required.


The usual rules apply.




Sunday 09:30 - 12:00

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