Model Drawing

Are you a hobbyist or professional drawer? Did you graduate art academy years ago, or are you thinking about applying? Then this 'Model Drawing Workhop' is just the thing for you! Even the best artists from all over the globe will practice drawing with models almost every week. During this workshop, you'll learn to take a close look at the human body. You won't go home with detailed drawings, but you will go home with an improved vision for your future works. This workshop will be supplied with paper and charcoal. However, feel free to bring your own dummy, paper, ink, pencils, watercolors, etc. Just keep in mind that the paper provided at the workshop is only suitable for charcoal! Should you bring your own watercolors, you will need to bring your own paper for it. Once you've participated in this workshop, you'll notice that your next drawing will have improved significantly thanks to this model study. Please be aware that you will need to sign up at the Info Desk in order to join. See you then!


Sign-up at the info desk!


This event is limited to 50 people. If the limit is reached, you can not attend.


Asia / Animere Room


Saturday 15:00 - 16:00

Sunday 15:00 - 16:00

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