Shape your body into cosplay: Strength training basic

In one hour, you will learn just a little bit of theory on strength training, followed by practicing some basic movements to look better, get healthier or get stronger!

Strength training can be used for many goals. You can get healthier, get stronger, get a more 'toned' look or become a true beefcake! Related to cosplay, 'shaping your body' can be part of your cosplay. Although it is by no means a necessity to have the same body type as a videogame or anime character, you *could* go for a muscular look to look like Goku, use strength training to improve your posture (also looking more confident when cosplaying) or use it to balance out all the hunching over your laptop while watching anime, so you can prevent back pain! Jeremy, personal trainer and olympic weightlifter from Jemfit ( , usually recognized at conventions as Wolverine, will use methods and principles from high level sports that anyone (from n00b to athlete) can use. Don't worry if you have no experience! Anyone can at least take a few tips home to work with in their own time! As for clothing, anything that doesn't hinder movement when bending over, lying on the floor or squatting down is fine.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Alexia Room / Ushi Combat Dojo


Sunday 11:00 - 12:00

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