Ani-Nation Events

Ani-Nation is back! Come find is in the basement, Atlantic Foyer for all kind of fun activities. We've got Goldfisch scooping, Gonggi, Yut and a Photobooth! See you there!

Ani-Nation is Back! We've got lots to do for you this year!

Goldfish scooping
Goldfish scooping. The long lost art of catching a fish with a mere rice paper bat. Years ago we decided to bring that back to the Netherlands. And with success. It has been a raging success, sporting solo record breakers, to fierce competitions between multiple players.
This weekend we bring this awesome game to you. Do you have what it takes to become the one that catches them all?
Noactualfishwereharmedduringthetestingofthiseventnoritsactualuse. Weuseplasticdummies.

Some of you know this one, under a different name. Jaxx. It’s origins lie in a game thousands of years old, under the name of Gonggi. Scoring is done with the throw, and catch, of a few small stones. How quick your wrist works, and how fast your fingers work, can determine win or lose in this highly addictive not-so-childish children’s game.

Yut is often played by the elderly at new years day. But it’s not uncommon to see teens playing when they need a moment of mental rest from a busy, crowded world. Flex your mind in this ancient game that lies somewhere between checkers and Ludo.

Have you been shooting awesome photo’s all day in your day clothes? Or have you been escorting you son or daughter to the weirdest world you have ever imagined?
Take a dip in it yourself, and drop by our photo booth. We have various traditional Asian clothes for you to try, and model in. Who knows, maybe you’ll like it.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Archonia Event Plaza / Atlantic Foyer


Friday 14:00 - Sunday 16:00

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