Archonia Event Plaza overview

Every year we strive to improve our festival and last year the Archonia Event Plaza got the prize for the best improvement of the year. This year the Archonia Event Plaza is again the center of our festival and it is bigger and better than ever before, even last year. Whether you want to do something, have a bite to eat or something to drink, see some of the booths and exhibitions or just sit down, relax and talk to your friends: the Archonia Event plaza is the place to be.

The extended location

The Archonia Event Plaza occupies half of the ground, first floors and part of the basement. 

The ground floor

After you have received your badge and optionally dropped your bag off at the bag room or in a locker you immediately enter the ground floor part of the Archonia Event Plaza. To your right is the 24 hour Food Court, to your left is the Anime Open Stage where you can sign up for the Akihabara Karaoke Contest. You can use the Anime Open Stage when it is not in use for group photos or to perform a small impromptu act to try out how it is on stage. All this leaves out stuff like the new EHBO post, the game machines, the photo corner, the consumption coin machine, ... 

As this is all very busy and confusing after the next row of doors you enter a calm area: first there is the Information desk and the World Forum desk right in front of you, with behind them the central stairwell. The Information desk is were you can get tickets for restricted events like tastings and cooking workshops. The World Forum desk is the place to get your exit-cars for the parking garage and local information. To the right of the desk is the bar where you can have a cup of tea or coffee or indeed a drink until late in the evening as well as something for that sweet tooth. Yes! This year we finally decided to put the Izakaya (japanese bar) where the actual bar is. Indeed we are learning. To the left is the Pangea restaurant serving Western food. All around the central staircase there are booths for activities and of course the exhibition for the Dutch Manga Awards presented by Wacom. Leave your congratulations for the winners by trying out Wacom's newest technology.

The basement

So for you could just go straight ahead, now you will have to make a choice: leave the Event Plaza by passing through the glass doors in the direction of the event rooms and the theater or stay at the Event Plaza. Down is the direction of the Game Room and the Dealer Room, but the Event Plaza also returned downstairs with a large area devoted to fan organisations, bootleg information and checking at the Fake Is Sad stand and matsuri (= festival) events brought to by Ani-Nation.

The first floor

Upstairs there is the First Floor Food Court and this is were we hid most of the activities! The first floor is basically our non-electronic game room were you can play board games and card games - while enjoying a drink and/or a snack. On the first floor we have not one but two maid cafe's, 8 Asian and 5 western food and drink stands, card games, shogi, go, kendama, ikebana, more gunpla, .... You might just have to walk a little more to reach all the activities as we have spread them all over the floor. You can also go outside and sit at a table and get some sun during the weekend - until 22:00 at night when the area becomes vulnerable to vampires.

If you pass the glass doors at the first floor you enter the Cosplay Photography Area were we have many Cosplay Photo Corners and were Nozlan can take a picture of your costume. This is also were our cosplay judges will be holding signing sessions. If you go through the Cosplay photography area you can also reach the dressing rooms and the Cosplay Repair Point.


All visitors


The lobbies on the ground floor and the Amazon Foyer, Mississippi Foyer, Onyx Room and Yangtze Foyer on the first floor.


Friday: 14:00 - Sunday: 17:00

Sign up

You can sign up here for all workshops and events that require signup at the Information desk, but for the Event Plaza itself no signup is required.

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