Shogi is the Japanese version of chess Sho (meaning general) and Gi (meaning board game) lets you take charge of your own army to defeat your opponent.

Shogi is very popular in Japan. There are about 12 million active players, several magazines and even a TV channel which are all devoted entirely to Shogi and another popular game Go. There are even manga and anime in which Shogi is featured, like the new anime "3 gatsu no lion." Outside Japan it is also played vividly. Last year there was even a European Open and World Championship in the Netherlands!

Two players, Sente ε…ˆζ‰‹ (Black; more literally, person with the first move) and Gote εΎŒζ‰‹ (White; person with the second move), play on a board composed of rectangles in a grid of 9x9. The pieces of wood or plastic, lie flat on the board. The names of the pieces are written in Japanese characters. That might seem difficult, but practice shows that you get used to it very quickly. All the pieces have roughly the same shape and colour. However since the tops are pointed, it is easy to see which pieces belong to whom. The aim of the game is, as with Western chess, to mate the king. The greatest difference with Western chess is not so much the variations of some pieces, but rather with Shogi you can “drop” defeated opponent's pieces back into the game, as your own piece!

Shogi therefore offers many more board positions, attack opportunities and playing styles! Are you creative and do you love to puzzle, but find thinking multiple moves ahead tricky? No problem with Shogi! Even without being able to think many moves ahead, you can use your creativity and puzzle power and quickly become a strong player! Feel free to come, watch, learn about and even play Shogi. We’ll happily assist you this whole weekend.


Not required.


The usual rules apply.


Archonia Event Plaza / Mississippi Foyer


Friday 14:00 - Sunday 16:00

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