Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup Rules



Hi everyone, here's the rule set for Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup

General rules:

  • For cosplay weapons guidelines read the house rules/huisregels.
  • Dutch weapons law will always apply!
  • The teams will always consist of two cosplayers.
  • The team must be in costumes from the same property.
  • The team must wear self-made costumes.
  • The team may use small props that were store bought.
  • The team must perform an act on stage that may not exceed 150 seconds.
  • Set-up time for props will be 30 seconds MAX.
  • Maximum number of stage props will be 4. 
  • Set up will be by our team and they are NOT allowed to run on stage.
  • Teams may not use: Any items that can spill on the stage, like bubbles, glitter, confetti etc. 
  • Teams may not use: Live fire, dry ice, live steel weapons or other things that could be a danger to yourself or others
  • Pre-recorded audio needs to be handed in on Saturday 13th of May, 23:59h at the latest (Or 2 days after you have won in your country)
  • A comprehensive script of your act must be handed in on Saturday 13th of May, 23:59h at the latest (Or 2 days after you have won in your country)
  • You will have to provide both Work in Progress and reference pictures on Saturday 13th of May, 23:59h (Or 2 days after you have won in your country)
  • You must attend the Anime festival on Saturday and Sunday.
  • You must be 18 years or older on 11 June 2017.
  • Your Cosplay may not be a fictional character you or your friends created, but can be from any official (East or West) animation, comic and game.
  • Fan art cosplay is not allowed!
  • Cosplayers may only participate in one preliminary per edition of CCCC
  • Costumes that have participated in finals of international contests can not be re-used in preliminaries for CCCC
  • Stage ninja's are NOT allowed, our staff can hand you a prop or item from backstage or press a button for you. Interaction with the cosplayers on stage is NOT allowed.


  • Judgement points will be given by at least four judges not from any participating country
  • Costume quality counts for 40%
  • Act counts for 60%
  • Bought costumes will be scored 0 for quality and will be disqualified

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