What is Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup

Hello everyone, welcome to Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup!, the relaxed international cosplay event at Animecon.

Many international events bring a lot of stress with them, because they are held at prestigious events with a grand prize which might bring about even more stress. People have to travel from their hotel to the main stage (for example WCS) and need to carry their props over a big distance.

What we at Animecon would like to achieve is that teams of two cosplayers can have a relaxed weekend and then compete in a show that takes a total of four hours out of their day from start to finish. Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup attempts to bring back the fun and bonding between cosplayers of different countries to the international stage. We don’t want to be prestigious, but we do have a nice prize for the winning team!

The event

Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup will have its third round at Anime 2017, World Forum, The Netherlands on June 10th, 2017. Before that date, preliminary rounds will be held at 16 events in or outside of Europe.


What is Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup?

The most relaxed international cosplay event currently organized in Europe, with a main prize of a trip to Japan for the winning team in November, 2017.
The CCCC team is currently working on the definite schedule for the event but it will quite probably go as follows:
  • Friday morning: International teams arrive in The Hague
  • Friday afternoon: Record intro movie
  • Friday evening: Welcome all and meet your new friends
  • Saturday morning: Teams practice
  • Saturday evening: Finals and results
  • Saturday evening: Party
  • Sunday morning: Undecided
  • Sunday evening, International teams leave

Why this competition?

We want to organize an event that is more focused on the PLAY side of cosplay, with a 60% judgement on play and a 40% judgement on costume. Aside from this, all official animated, comic (East or West) and game characters can enter the competition. This is a bit different from the existing events where the focus is more towards costumes and mostly Oriental characters only. Please note that NO FAN ART characters can enter the competition. Only comic, cartoon and game characters, east or west can take part. So manga, comic, or even European characters are fine. Live action is not.

What makes it so relaxed?

A lot of points that we have found to be taxing on the competing teams have been eliminated as much as possible to assure a nice and relaxed weekend for everyone competing.
  • Hotel on top of the event (Rooms provided for international teams only).
  • Practice session takes one hour at most.
  • Judging will be just before the competition, about two hours before, for the first team.
  • Back stage area with lounge chairs, dressing rooms with shower and toilet, water and light snacks.
  • English speaking staff (If you only speak your own language, we will try to get an interpreter for you)
  • You can use one of the largest real theaters in Europe for your performance.
  • You will have a nice big stage to perform on.

Please note that all audio for your act needs to be pre-recorded. Live microphones on stage are not allowed.

Do you have rules for this competition?

Yes, we do! We would like to keep them as simple as possible, but to make sure everything will go as smooth as possible for the judging process and the morning practice and light set up, we require you to read and follow the rules.
You can read them in the rules section

The prize, why November?

For this year, the date has actually not yet been confirmed. If we do not have a sponsor for this year's trip, the prize will still be given and will still be a week in Japan, flight, tax and hotel paid, but the date will be discussed in cooperation with the winning team.

In our first year, the French team won with their brilliant Ratatouille act. 
The second year held a win for the Dutch team with Deadpool vs. Deathstroke.

How can we take part?

Please refer to our partner organizations to see when why how and what....

If you would like to know how and why we chose our partners, click here

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  • Mindscape
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