AnimeCon Quiz 2017 edition

The toughest quiz on Japanese related pop culture is back with the Anime 2017 edition. Do you think you have the anime trivia knowledge to win? or even better beat the current high score?

Since Anime 2001 this event has been the most difficult Anime, Manga, J-Pop and Japan-related quiz in Europe. The AnimeCon Quiz, as it's called these days, consists of 60 questions about strange Japan-related stuff bubbling up in the brains of our quiz staff. During the quiz, after the timer on each question runs out, the answers will be given with the occasional dose of sarcasm.

The best ever score since 2001 has been 28 correct answers. This record has been matched a couple of times, but never surpassed. Do you think you are the one to beat this score? As long as your mind is as twisted as the bunch of guys that thought up the questions, your chances are fair. Think of questions like this: Famous Japanese Person X lived in Ikebukero for ten years; what's the name of his former neighbour's dog?



Not required.


This event is limited to 120 people. If the limit is reached, you can not attend.




Sunday 10:00 - 11:30

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