Costume Book

What is a Costume Book?

A Costume Book is a book or series of pages with progress shots of your costume, small bits of fabric used, and pictures of making your props.
This will help the judges make a fairer judgement of your costume and your skills and choice of fabrics.
If you have spend hours hand-dying your fabric, this is the place to show it at. Put a small sample of the before and after fabric in the book to impress the judges so they know you didn't just stumble upon that cool bit of fabric.
Made your own chain mail? Add a separate ring with a small description on how you changed those rings in to a chain mail.
It's that easy. And you will see, it's useful later on, if you are asked to give a workshop somewhere or you just can't recall the steps in the process any more.

When do I need it?

If you participate in the WCS, you will need a Costume Book.

What should be in it?

  • Key images of the process of making your costume (Fabrics, cut out pattern, half sewn together, complete etc.
  • Corresponding text with the images
  • Discription of key creation processes (in a few lines, do not write a light novel) 
  • Bits of fabric or foam
  • Pictures of tools/items used on the costume and props

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