Indie Saturday 2017

On the Saturday of the convention there will be a big group of independent developers in the Gameroom showcasing their projects!
Drop by to talk to the developers, ask them questions, give them feedback and of course to play their games!
The following developers have been announced, check on location for even more Indies!

Degoma - Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world.


“Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and most likely the end of the world” is the first game by Degoma, a platform game born in the tradition of old marios. But Reggie (a tomato, by the way), can do even more fun stuff: among others, he has de ability to control gravity and he can bury into the ground to hide from enemies and find unseen treasures.

You start controlling Reggie (and his cousin if there is a player two) in a mysterious forest in the middle of the night. Slowly, while you develop your abilities, you find out why you are supposed to be there, meet more relevant characters and reveal some more pieces of the story until the whole picture makes (somehow) sense. Follow Reggie on his adventure and find out why things in the Universe do not march as they are supposed to.

2Awesome Studio - Dimension Drive

The universe is composed of infinite dimensions. Many millennia ago, in one of these dimensions the Ashajuls rose to power. Spaceflight granted them total domination of their galaxy. They rapidly conquered other races, turning them into slaves to further expand their war-machine.

Terror, oppression and desolation reached every corner of the universe. But the Ashajuls wanted more. The discovery of the Dimension Drive allowed them to start a war to conquer all the infinite dimensions of the universe. The Dimension Wars will last forever…

Jackelyne Tywood (a.k.a Jack) is the only survivor of her race, obliterated by the Ashajuls. She was found orbiting planet Vain inside The Manticore when she was only a child along with her personal guardianartificial intelligence, V.E.R.A. The Manticore is the only known ship in the universe with Dimension Drive capability besides the Ashajuls. Atthe age of 14 she was already the best pilot in Vain’s fleet. The only
recollection of her past is a data cube with a recording of her father
last words:
“Jack, run! Live, be happy. We love you!” - Available on steam early acces right now!

Eendhoorn - SpiritSphere

What do you get when you mash together air-hockey and classic action-RPG games?
That's right, SpiritSphere!

SpiritSphere is a competitive sports game set in a classic RPG
world. The premise is simple, wack the orb into your opponent's goal!
Take a pick from unique characters with their own unique abilities and run, slash and dash your way to victory!

Battle in multiple arena's filled with enemies, traps and other stage hazards.
Luck not on your side? Turn the tide by collecting different items that can turn the game around.

The 8-bit art-style has drawn inspiration from great classic titles, the game even uses the NES color palette and restrictions!

SpiritSphere has been released on steam!

EpicHouse Studios LLC - Phased

A girl wakes up with the ability to twist reality. In this 2D platformer, throw corgis and use her new powers in dynamic environments to fend off monsters, solve puzzles and destroy spacetime
More information about the game and a devlog can be found on:

Rising Legends - Rising Legends

Cities have fallen to corruption, thugs roam the street and Yakuza have taken power. Innocents are killed every day and there is no one there to help. A group of martial artists have teamed up with a mission to clean up the dirt. Together with the help of martial arts and
technology they are prepared for anything. Challenge yourself in this co-op arcade beat 'em up game. Face the corruption that has spread throughout Neo-Tokyo and fight against countless gangs and take down the Yakuza. Counter attacks and dodge bullets as you rise to become a new legend!

Rising Legends is available on steam greenlight at:

Frenemies - Defend Your Friend

Defend your friend (DYF) is a 2D side (& up and down) - scrolling co-operative puzzle game where the players have to protect each other using their individual abilities. One player has a shield to block projectiles and reflect beams, while the other has a beam they can use
to push away objects and activate mechanisms. Both players need to actively watch each other’s backs to make it through the multiple puzzles and traps, encountered inside the ancient temple they found themselves trapped in.

More info at:

Radical Graphics - Super Monkey Star

Super Monkey Star is a Shoot'em up with strategic RPG elements. The game begins the struggle of the character BioApe Iter 13 against the rogue bots uprising and their Robot Masters.

Visit for more info and get access to the beta!

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