Mongolia vs Japan 1274-1281

In the 13th centrury the Mongolian empire was by far the largest land based empire ever seen. In 1274 en 1281 the Mongols tried to invade Japan only to be defeated by storms. Did short-skirted shrine maidens really call up the divine winds, the "kami kaze", that saved Japan and what were they wearing under those skirts?


This lecture will describe how the Mongols came to rule most of the world at the time. The main timeline of the conquest of China will be described, but about half of the presentation will concern the political and technological state of both Korea and Japan at the time and the invasions of both countries.

Twenty years ago we barely knew more about the Mongol invasion than the (short) legend we all know. There would have been little else to tell. However, the last few decades divers lifted wreckage of the original Mongol invasion fleet and we can now give a much more accurate picture of what happend to the invasion fleet and how it was defeated.

Also for those who were at last years lecture: the lecturer promises to get more sleep before the presentation. Sorry about that.


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Antarctica / Runuri Room


Saturday 16:00 - 17:00

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