Hello people, Marieke here, taking over for Clara Cow, interviewing our great Cosplay judges and guests for Anime 2017. Since her Highness, Miss Cow, is too famous now that she has her own event to interview judges, she sent me out in to the country to talk some serious shop with two of our new cosplay judges for this year.



So, Ping & SJ of EuRika 愛. Can you tell our audience what the cosplay scene is like in your country? Is it difficult with those many different islands?

Cosplay in the Philippines is competitive to the point that sometimes it gets personal. Philippines is comprised of 7,641 islands and each region has their own unique culture. It’s quite common to find cosplayers organizing themselves into cosplay groups based on similar interests.
Also, due to limited resources, the innovative side of Filipino cosplayers shines. We make do with what we have, often incorporating household materials or whatever’s lying around.
The most commonly used material is craft/EVA foam, which we callrubber sheets here. It’s commercially used for making slippers and floor mats.

Wow, that is so interesting! Let’s roll on to the next question straight away. If you are judging cosplay, what are the things you look at, specifically? Do you have a pet peeve that nobody ever gets right?

Ping: I look at the details, like even the tiniest ones, along with the scale and proportion of the costume/weapons and the colour. I dislike how my eyes/resting facial expression gets misinterpreted and people assume that I’m not friendly.
SJ: Attention to detail, material choice, mobility and stage presence. My pet peeve is when cosplayers don’t have the right mindset when joining competitions.

Over here, the cosplayers mostly drink beer and soft drinks and eat cheese and bitterballen. I especially love COW bitterballen. Which has nothing to do with that Bi… the lovely Clara.
What is typical cosplayer snack food in your country that we should all try?

Ping: I love Puto Taktak’, which is a Filipino delicacy made out of cassava (a root crop similar to sweet potatoes) and covered in coconut flakes and melted brown sugar. You should also try ‘Bibingka’, which is like a fluffy cupcake made out of rice and coconut milk. Most of our snacks are either made out of rice, root crops and coconut products since that’s what’s readily available. A Filipino meal just isn’t complete without rice!

SJ: I used to guzzle energy drinks when I need to stay up to finish costumes. But it’s bad for my health so I stick to brewed coffee and willpower to stay alive-- I mean-- awake.

You have been representatives for the Philippines to the World Cosplay Summit, afterwards, you have been invited to a lot cities in your country. What do going to finals of international competitions change in your lives?

Ping: After the WCS Championship in Japan, I was inspired to study and learn about new materials for crafting costumes. Meeting and exchanging views with people from all over the world has changed how I view cosplay as well.

SJ: Becoming the first WCS Philippines Representatives has opened a lot of doors for Ping and me. We are SO grateful for the opportunity to be able to travel to different cities and cosplay in these communities. Ping and I aim to be great stewards of the cosplay community here in Davao City by being a positive influence.

What are the biggest differences between cosplay in Asia and Europe?

We observed that European countries tend to lean towards western media e.g. Disney, Star Craft etc. Also, body image issues is a big deal and quite prevalent in that area.

So, some of the obvious questions now: How long have you been cosplaying?

Ping: This marks my 10th year.

SJ: I started cosplaying in 2011, so this is my 6th year of shenanigans.

What is your favourite cosplay? (That you made yourself)

Ping: Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria. I’m still spazzing over the game at the moment!

SJ: Gilko/Genderbend Gilgamesh from Enuma00’s Fate/stay night fanart. It’s the second armor I made. Made my first fake bewbs too! And I think it’s pretty convincing, not bad for a first try!


What is the least favourite one you made?

Ping: Kisuke from Oboro Muramasa. I need to improve on it more and maybe reshoot it.

SJ: Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors 8. It’s the first costume I made using my sewing machine. It’s pretty detailed but I’m not happy with the costume construction since I was a total noob back then.


Who is or are cosplayers that you admire?

Ping: I’m not too familiar with big names in the industry since I usually just focus on making costumes and our small cosplay community here in Davao City. But the one who caught my eye and still inspires me the most is Kamui.

SJ: When I just started cosplaying, I have always admired Catherine Lewis from God Save The Queen Fashions who makes jaw dropping costumes along with Harrison of Volpin Props. I also look up to Thao Nguyen of Ptyb Art Atelier, whose work and the amount of detail that goes to her costumes impresses me every time.

If you think about the Netherlands, what do you envision?

Ping: Cows, milk, mountains. ^^,”

SJ: Chocolate, cheese, cold weather!

Coffee or tea?

Ping: Definitely brewed coffee, no cream, and two lumps of sugar (coz I like it dark). 

SJ: I like my coffee like my men. Strong.

Beer or Vodka?

Ping: VODKA. I love it if it’s flavored!

SJ: If you have Smirnoff Mule, gimme some!

Katsu Curry, chicken or pork cutlet?

Ping: Chicken!!!



Country you really want to visit, because?

Ping: Maybe Italy?

SJ: UK, because I want to cross out Glastonbury in my bucket list.

Thing to never do as a cosplayer?

Ping: Never swing your weapon around and don’t put others down.

SJ: Claim other people’s work as yours.

Fries: Ketchup or Mayo?

Ping: Ketchup!

SJ: Who uses mayo…

Why is onepiece better than Naruto?

Ping: I have not watched a single episode of One Piece BUT I did see a clip of Going Merry sinking and it literally brought me to tears.

SJ: I think Berserk is better than everything. LOL!

You’re on a deserted island with a nice house, great weather, a beach, internet connection, electricity, unlimited water and food a plenty. Name three things you HAVE to have with you.

Ping: Laptop, Pepper (my dog), and my guitar (so I can practice in isolation, LOL!)

SJ: iPad, so I’ll know if Berserk will ever update. A gaming rig, coz why not? Lastly, very important: sunblock.

What is the most stupid joke / assumption made about your country? According to most people, we all wear wooden shoes, smoke weed and eat cheese.

A common misconception about our region (Mindanao) is that the inhabitants here are stuck in the tribal period eg. uncivilized, no electricity, living in tree huts and wearing loin cloths. Also, they perceive that our President Duterte is like Donald Trump. This is a rash assumption since our president strongly fights for his constituents especially the minorities.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience?
Ping: Hi everyone! So nice to be here and although our
team might still be young, we hope to make everyone happy through our cosplay, may it be through Crafting, Sewing, Photoshoot, etc. We hope to make friends and interact with the community here as well. Hoping to grow our love for cosplaying together! Thank you for having us!

SJ: Thank you SO much for having ChibiPines be part of this epic event! Can’t wait to meet you guys and get to know you better! Also, wishing all the contestants the best of luck!

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