Fabricator Djinn

Hello people, Marieke here, taking over for Clara Cow, interviewing our great Cosplay judges and guests for Anime 2017. Since her Highness, Miss Cow, is out speaking with Donald J about bovine rights in the USA, she sent me out in to the country to talk some serious shop with two of our new cosplay judges for this year.

So, Fabricator Djinn. Can you tell our audience what the cosplay scene is like in your country?

Hello Marieke! Best of luck to your boss Clara, shes got her work CUT out for her huehuehue.
The cosplay scene over here is fantastic – Where I am we have all the resources of the Hollywood scene available to us – the great engines that power the FX industry also power us little guys toiling away in garages. Every year I’m surprised more and more by the increasing quality of work and interesting use of materials I see at every con. A lot of this increase in quality comes from the very active community – there is a sort of comradery amongst the builders I’ve met, and everyone is so eager to share their techniques and get new ideas. Love it!

I’ve made lifelong friends in the cosplay community here, and seem to make a new group of friends at every con! Looking forward to meeting the community on your side of the pond, I’m so curious about your materials.

Wow, that is so interesting! Let’s roll on to the next question straight away. If you are judging cosplay, what are the things you look at, specifically? Do you have a pet peeve that nobody ever gets right?

I tend to look first at the overall picture the cosplayer was trying to portray – did they nail their idea? Proportions and finish work are big ones for me.. as they bridge that gap between seeing the costume or seeing the character.
My biggest peeves are with my own work (as is common), each person has their own struggles to overcome with their costumes so I try to see it from their side. If you half ass it though… I pity the fool. If you’re gonna do it, always go full ass. Never half.

Over here, the cosplayers mostly drink beer and soft drinks and eat cheese and bitterballen. I especially love COW bitterballen. Which has nothing to do with that Bi… the lovely Clara. What is typical cosplayer snack food in your country that we should all try?

Cosplayer snack food in America? In order of importance: Caffeine/Beer – Pizza – Bananas – Goldfish – Those.. peanut butter filled pretzel bite things – whatever is available