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Hello people, Marieke here, taking over for Clara Cow, interviewing our great Cosplay judges and guests for Anime 2017.
Since her Highness, Miss Cow, is out speaking with Donald J about bovine rights in the USA, she sent me out to Korea to talk some serious shop with the super talented Pion Kim

So, Pion, can you tell our audience what the cosplay scene is like in your country?

It has developed a lot since 2012, because that was the first time a professional cosplay team appeared in Korea.
After that, a few more professional cosplay teams haveappeared and more meaningful cosplay photos and videos have shown up. Now, so many people think cosplay is more artistic and respectable to do than it was before.

Wow, that is so cool, we do not have professional teams here, really!
If you are judging cosplay, what are the things you look at, specifically? Do you have a pet peeve that nobody ever gets right?

For me with cosplay, the most important thing is ‘inspire by story telling’. It includes that character’s background story and emotion, as well as the way to express the story of that character.
For example, if someone cosplays Princess  Snow White, they can make a photo shoot the scene of ‘Witch gave an apple to the princess’. if you made that scene with cosplay, why not make it a collaboration with Adam and Eve at the Eden?
The story of the snake that tempts Eve to eat an apple. It will inspire more people to get into that story.

Over here, the cosplayers mostly drink beer and soft drinks and eat cheese and bitterballen. I especially love COW bitterballen. Which has nothing to do with that Bi… the lovely Clara.
What is typical cosplayer snack food in your country that we should all try?

We don’t have any typical cosplayer snack or food. But we have a typical food all people in our country love – chicken and beer. Most cosplayers finish their photo shoot and then go eating chicken and drinking beer together. For my team mates, the most typical thing is ‘Energy drinsk’, because almost all of my team mates make their props all day and all night until the day of the event or photo shoot. So they always have energy drinks close to them. I think most of Korea's cosplay teams that do game commercials are close friends with the energy drinks.

When you were at World Cosplay Summit, representing Korea, what was the best thing about that?

I think the best thing is meet people from all countries around the world.
So many cultures and co many languages were there. I was inspired by everyone and everything. Isn’t it the reason the people always say ‘Go to travel as much as possible’.

Do you prefer cosplaying alone or with more people?

That is different case by case. With my Harley Quinn cosplay - i prefer cosplaying together.
Like with Joker or the BPD police team. With the Sombra cosplay – i prefer to cosplay alone.
Some character’s are boosted by an other character’s emotion, like chemistry or action. But some characters will boost that emotion or story just by being alone.
So yes. It totally depends on the character.

How long have you been cosplaying?

I started cosplaying in July of 2012.

What is your favourite cosplay? (That you made yourself)

Sombra from Over Watch. Not just because I shaved my long hair and donated it, but I focused that character a lot and love that character a lot.
And put a lot of Sombra’s emotion and characteristics in to the photo shoot. And I made a short video like a cinematic movie and high light scene.
And also made Live 2D photo using the Sombra cosplay photo.

That's all to shown how much I like Sombra and her story. And more than ever, because of my Sombra cosplay, a lot of international people send me a huge cheerful messages and love.
There were some issues, but still Sombra is the reason i love the cosplay more than before.
And I want to thank everyone of every country who supported me.

What is the least favourite one you made?

Without a doubt that must be Gunner from the game Dive. It is aChinese game released by a Korean game company. When I first saw those illustrations, the name was written as ‘Miss fortune’. So i thought that it was a game made by Riot games.
I thought it was a new game not featuring all of Riot's characters. But it was NOT. The game just copied and stole all kinds of LOL and WOW characters and illustration. I noticed that the day before the photo shoot.
It was to late to cancel, so I finished the photo shoot. Yeah, the photos look cool to me (Sorry, i do the best I can, as always.), but i hate that game and am embarrassed about the photos.
Yes, there are the well known words – ‘imitation is the mother of the creation.’. I agree with that. But the imitation that ignores the creator’s hard work? That's just not cool. That isn't flattery., it's just a jerk move.
I wish companies would stop doing this kind of thing. It's rude to the original creator who has worked hard to create fashionable characters.

Who is or are cosplayers that you admire?
When I started cosplay, Spiral cats team-the most professional cosplay team in Korea- inspired me and made me starting cosplay. But i don’t know exactly since when, it’s really hard to find someone who makes artistic and meaningful cosplays.
Not just for look pretty and sexy, i mean really looking like that character and tell their story.
So, when i prepare to cosplay, i just admire by illustrations or games or music or a movie scene. And always want to do the next one better than the previous one.

If you think about the Netherlands, what do you envision?

Tulips and windmills, and beautiful weather and delightful people.

Coffee or tea?


Beer or Vodka?


Katsu Curry with chicken or pork cutlet?

Katsu Curry with chicken. Chicken is always right choice.

Country you really want to visit, because?

Checking out the Netherlands - And after that I wish to visit - Mexico.
Because a lot of Mexican people help me a lot and cheer for me a lot.

Thing to never do as a cosplayer?

At a photo shoot, looking like a going-to-bed-girl. I mean, I don’t want to look just sexy and cheap.

Fries: Ketchup or Mayo?


Why is onepiece better than Naruto?

Because it's more fun and there is more comedy?

You’re on a deserted island with a nice house, great weather, a beech, internet connection, electricity, unlimited water and food a plenty. Name three things you HAVE to have with you.

My computer, My make up box and my boyfriend.

What is the most stupid joke / assumption made about your country? According to most people, we all wear wooden shoes, smoke weed and eat cheese.

I think the hate towards the opposite gender is the most ugly thing in my country,
Of course not all the people are that way, but a lot of people hate and insult their opposite gender.
I'm sure they think there is a rational reason, but it's just the error of hasty generalization.
Not the males are bad and not all females are nasty. There are just bad people, not bad genders.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience?

Thank you for reading all of this not especially fun interview (Joke)
Thank you so much for inviting me to The Netherlands and hope you guys have a great time in here.
And I hope I can be an inspiration for other people that want to cosplay (For good reasons).

And hope everyone here inspires someone else in their own way. Thank you.

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