Hi, I am Clara, the most famous Bovine Icon in the history of Cow-kind. I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule, promoting the Anime Festival in The Netherlands to ask you some questions. Of course, I am the only one with enough linguistic skills to do so.

Hello miss Reika! Please tell me something about yourself

Hello! I’m Reika, a cosplayer from Japan! I’m mainly active in Japan, but also in Asia! Nice to meet you!

This cosplay thing you do, how long have you been doing this and why do you think you are more fabulous than I am?

I’m cosplaying for 18 years now. Well, I think I will lose against you Clara! (Haha) But I will use my guts and fighting spirit to win! (haha)

Since my country has the greatest green pastures that produce the best milk and cheese, it’s obvious you would want to visit our country. What other reasons could you possibly have for visiting us? And, have you visited this great nation before?

I will be visiting the Netherlands for the first time. I would like to see beautiful historic buildings Japan doesn’t have!

You do like Milk and Cheese, don’t you?

I drink 1 liter milk everyday (´∀ο½€)

So, you want to talk about that cosplay thing, how many costumes have you made and have you been in any competitions or TV shows, like I have?

I have about 70 costumes now. If you add all the costumes together, I think I’ve made around 500 costumes until now.
I’ve been on TV several times, but I always get nervous. I’ve also participated competitions about 3 times.

What do you consider your best skills in cosplay and what will be the points you will be looking at most in costumes?

I think it’s the making process of the costumes. I have a lot of confidence in my speed of making them!
When I look at cosplay costumes, I will look at the overall balance and the preciseness of the details!

What if you could spend an evening with me, what would be your ideal evening type?
Let’s gaze at the night sky on the green pasture. While drinking milk (λˆˆβ€Έλˆˆ )v

What was the best cosplay experience you have ever had?

My best cosplay experience was when my favorite voice actor said my name. My heart was pounding! (All doki-doki!)

The Anime Festival has Summer Games as theme. What is your first thought that goes with the theme they have?

Sengoku BASARA. It was released during the summer break. My only memory of that year’s summer break is just the game (haha)

My favourite holiday destination is India, at least they treat me with proper respect there. What is your favourite holiday destination?

I like Singapore. I feel calm when I see the Merlion statue (haha)

Say you would be stranded in a very remote barnyard with nothing but grassy fields and a water pump (My ideal location) which three things could you not do without?

PSP, iPhone 5s and Playstation 3. (Someone, please give me electricity and a TV!!)

My favourite motto is: To graze or not to graze. What is your favourite motto?

Where there is a will, there is a way! For everything!

What food from your country should all of us have tried before we lay down on the field and ruminate?

Sukiyaki is the best!

Thank you Reika

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