Solid Snake


Hello people, Marieke here, taking over for Clara Cow, interviewing our great Cosplay judges and guests for Anime 2017.

So, Solidsnake. Can you tell our audience what the cosplay scene is like in your country?

As with most countries, the cosplay scene here is really diverse. There are the hardcore-competitors, the casuals, the Naruto Fans, the .... i can continue the list for a while, but if you try to look at the whole image it is really colourful. Of course trends are slipping in under the radar, so lately there are lots of Ciris from Witcher 3, Trisses, Yennefers, as well as most of the hyped characters from Overwatch. Anime got behind a little, but it is natural now – gaming cosplays gaining more and more ground.

Wow, that is so interesting! Let’s roll on to the next question straight away. If you are judging cosplay, what are the things you look at, specifically? 
Do you have a pet peeve that nobody ever gets right?

I am mainly an armour-type Gunda... guy J So if i have a chance to get my sights on armour: then it’s doomsday time :) Jokes aside, i really like to see people plan ahead and jump out from the „be casual” box: lights, servos, smoke ( if applicable ) and weird science – i love them all if they are working! If not, i just hope they won’t turn me into a frog or something...

About Pet Peeves... two main things are on my list: overall feeling and attachments. I still crusade for the right that cosplay is for everybody, but you need to modify the cosplay a little for your own measurements if you are devoted to competing. I don’t care if your Commander Shepard is a 2 meter tall american wrestler looking like the Undertaker – but look and act like Shepard. It doesn’t help if you get an armour or dress what is two sizes smaller...

Attachments: most of the armours and costumes are supposed to defy gravity and the basic Newtonian Laws of Physics. Creative strapping and attaching each other is a way of art within the art – and sometimes a bad system can ruin the whole.

Over here, the cosplayers mostly drink beer and soft drinks and eat cheese and bitterballen. I especially love COW bitterballen. Which has nothing to do with that Bi… the lovely Clara.
What is typical cosplayer snack food in your country that we should all try?

Chips. Lay’s, Doritos and all of that kind. In Hungary we don’t have snacks for cosplayers – we have meals ^_^. Of course you could not leave Hungary before you try our specialities: goulash and the special pancakes... Even the flaming ones!

When you were at Cosplay World Masters, representing Hungary, what was the best thing about that?

The absolute best? Now i’m in trouble, because it started with making a special cosplay for it and ended when my jet took off from the airport back home. The thing i liked the most is not a single one,but the fact that i had a chance to meet a whole lot of awesome cosplayers and people. With most of them I’m still in contact ,for what i am really grateful.

So, some of the obvious questions now, like: How long have you been cosplaying?

What you consider as the beginning? I started costuming in 1997 when i made my first X-Wing pilot outfit when we founded the first Hungarian Star Wars Fan Club and the first Flight Squadron. For the following years i could be found either as a pilot or Kyle Katarn. I took some away time from 2008, but came back in 2012 with new ideas, making costumes and props since then.

 What is your favorite cosplay? (That you made yourself)

Emotionally, the X-Wing pilot. But the real stuff there is Geralt of Rivia. That character grown onto me. Still my biggest challenge is ahead of me

What is the least favorite one you made?

I don’t have a „least favourite”, but i have one that tortured me a little: Darth Vader. With the first Star Wars Fan Club here, a talented maker made the helmet while we made the suit and props. On the final day they gave me like: It is yours, you WILL be Vader... and then i had to meet the black metal helmet in..summer. It was a micronized sauna,. but was good for weight loss 

Who is or are cosplayers that you admire?

I admire a lot to be honest. Amongst the most known are Kamui/Benni, Yaya/Brian, Volpin Props, Fabricator Djinn ( i hope he doesn’t read this ), Indra Rojas ( FantasyNinja ) – they are all living examples of talent and hard work, not to mention about being helpful and fun to be around.
But there are many,many more people i really admire, like the ones that doesn’t get that much spotlight. I could name them all, but i don’t think that we have enough bits for that now.
Even i have a few from Netherlands!

Catwalk or Performance?

Performance. We founded the group CosFighters in 2014 whose aim was to put specific performances on stage, like fights. Not Spartacus bloody ones, but more than semi contact ones. We started with Star Wars Lightsaber shows, moving on to Witcher and we are developing a new one recently.
Also, catwalk can be fun tho, if you can keep yourself in character... ^^

If you think about the Netherlands, what do you envision?

Tulips, windmills, waffles.

Coffee or tea?

Is is 5 ’o clock already? Tea, please!

Beer or Vodka? 

None of them. I might be weird but not really drinking alcohol 

Katsu Curry, chicken or pork cutlet? 

Aaaarrgh... why do i have ot choose? Chicken!

Country you really want to visit, because?

I have lots, but the two most charming are the USA and Japan. Both have sights I want to see and both have people I'd like to meet. Not to mention, my fascination with Japan started when I started learn martial arts as a kid...

Things to never do as a cosplayer?

Don’t forget to clean yourself. Don’t be rude to people. Don’t piss off a sorceress, like Yennefer ...

Fries: Ketchup or Mayo?

Ketchup. Hands down.

Why is One Piece better than Naruto?

Is that better? Maybe the pirates, they are so in these years... ^^

You’re on a deserted island with a nice house, great weather, a beech, internet connection, electricity, unlimited water and food a plenty. Name three things you HAVE to have with you.

Computer, my significant other and some internet access J The question is how to clone the computer, because sooner or later we need to find a way to share the PC, or we will just have a Live Overwatch event J

What is the most stupid joke / assumption made about your country? According to most people, we all wear wooden shoes, smoke weed and eat cheese.

Hungry – Hungary are the most usual pun i always got, but hey... Regarding our „history”, some of the people usually asks is we still eat/sacrifice horses...

Is there anything you’d like to say to the audience?

I’m really humbled and happy to be invited to Animecon@Netherlands. One of my dreams came true, so the first thing i wanted to say: thank you!
But aside the clichés, I just hope you all will find fun and challenges that makes you a better cosplayer and fun to hang around. I am sure we will rock AnimeCon!

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