Ninjutsu by The Iga Warriors


The Iga Warrior demonstrations are known by there fast and effective technics with and without weapons. The Iga Warrior demo team already gave demonstrations at martial art-, science fiction- and manga/anime events. They even been several times on national television like SBS6 Explosief, Veronica Material arts Gala, the gameshow Lucky Letters and they gave demonstrations by some children programs like Wekservice ect. You can watch these demonstrations on our website
The Iga Warrior organization is the longest active in providing Ninja training in the Netherlands. Beside Ninja training we also give Samurai technics and modern self-defense lessons. Training with all kinds of traditional and modern weapons is one of our specialties.

Are you curious about our training technics? Come and watch our demonstration or even join the workshop on Saturday. Look for more information


'Whole Weekend Visitors' and 'Saturday' Visitors only

Alexia Room / Ushi Combat Dojo

'The usual rules apply. We do suggest to bring comfortable clothing for during the sessions, changing room will be available.

Saturday 10:00 - 11:30 (Please gather at 15 minutes before start in front of the Dojo)

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