Video program overview

We are not called AnimeCon for nothing! Most of us started as dedicated Anime fans so we splash out with a 52 hour program showing movies and TV series at multiple locations during the festival.

We have a full program of films and series, including the newest movies and Anime series currently in season in Japan. Anime and Live Action will be delivered to you at full HD in quiet rooms, the movies with full surround sound.

Pride of place is reserved this year for The Anthem of the Heart, created by the production staff of the 2011 anime series Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. The movie also takes place in Chichibu. We have screenings on Friday and Sunday and be sure to bring some tissues.

This year is we have a magical girl theme: "Marieke's Magical Miracle". Not only do we have a lot of magical girl's TV series in the lineup, but thanks to Aniplex we also show the first Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie.

Another radical improvement is that we combined forces with CAMERA JAPAN! Where we mainly focus on Anime their main focus is on live action. On Saturday CAMERA JAPAN will present 4 films and a series of animation shorts - animation, emphatically not anime we were told.

Other events worthy of note are our short programs. Thanks to our sponsor Crunchyroll we can show you a selection of episodes of the best Anime shorts they offer with the titles 10 Episodes per hour and the in theme collection 18+ Magical Girl episodes (which will actually feature 21 episodes of shorts containing maids). 

Usually the most important question visitors ask about the video program is: what is the surprise movie this year? Well, it is a golden oldie and it is fully in theme and if you want to know the title, your will just have to go the the Mississippi on Sunday at 16:50. To compound this insulting reply, this is the first year since many that we will also show a surprise series. Go to Yangtze 1  at midnight on Saturday night to see what the mumbo jumbo about an electrifying series that will charge you up is about!

Daytime program

During the day we will have three video rooms on the first floor showing a continuous program. 

While the video rooms are ideal places to wind down a bit and relax, consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in these rooms. The video program is continuous with at most a couple of minutes pause between screenings. This means we cannot clean the rooms during the day.

Mississippi Room

The Mississippi is where we show movies and special video items.

Yangtze 1 / Room & Yangtze 2 / Manga Maffia Room

In the two Yangtze rooms we show Anime TV series during the day.

Night program

During the night we concentrate the festival on the ground floor of the World Forum, so we switch video rooms. One advantage is that you may watch movies while enjoying your consumption in the Alexia room / Ushi Combat Dojo.

Alexia room / Ushi Combat Dojo

Used during the day as the Ushi Combat Dojo. In the evening we will use this room first for the Whisky and Sake tastings and then we leave the chairs and tables in place and convert the room to a luxury movie theater for the night, where you can nip your refreshments seated behind a table while watching our infamous night program.

Antarctica / G & P Collectibles

Some Anime cannot be shown during the day, that is why we have a separate room to show these series during the night.

Partners & Distributors

We could not have brought you our program if it was not for the cooperation of these distributors and partners:

J-POP in cooperation with:
  • Aniway
  • Archonia
  • Bit Agency
  • CrunchyRoll
  • Warner Brothers Games
  • Hercules
  • Mindscape
  • Nationaal Videogame Museum
  • Samsung
  • Ziva Events
  • AFK e-Sports
  • Vertigo 6
  • Koch Media
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