Bag room & lockers

Due to our bags, props and consumables policy, you will have to store bags and props that exceed the allowed dimensions while on the festival terrain. If you don't have a hotelroom or car to store the items, you can choose between paying for a locker or using our free Bag & Cloak room.

Example image of the locker and the key padLockers (paid)

We have almost a thousand storage lockers at the entrance to the World Forum - to the left as you are about to enter the building.

The lockers open with a numeric code. When you rent a locker you get a paper with your locker number and a code that is valid for the duration of your rent at the Locker Desk at the entrance. If you rent a locker for a day you can use the locker until early in the morning of the next day - long after you should have left with only a day ticket.

Ordering and paying your locker in advance is cheaper than renting your locker at the festival and you do not have the risk that the lockers will be sold out.

You can rent lockers either for a single day or for the whole weekend and lockers are available in three different sizes.

Size Description One day Weekend
Small Locker 24 x 28 x 50 cm Can contain three or four summer coats or a mid-sized backpack €  7,00 (pre-sale)
€  8,00 (at festival)
€ 15,00 (pre-sale)
€ 17,00 (at festival)
Medium Locker 35 x 28 x 50 cm Can contain larger bags or for example a helmet €  10,00 (pre-sale)
€ 12,00 (at festival)
€ 20,00 (pre-sale)
€ 24,00 (at festival)
Super Locker 36 x 60 x 50 cm Can contain large bags or small suitcases. €  17,00 (pre-sale)
€ 20,00 (at festival)
€ 34,00 (pre-sale)
€ 40,00 (at festival)

You can also leave your items with our attendants in the free Bag room or you can just use the Bag room for your large purchases, bags, suitcases and cosplay props.

If you are having trouble with your locker and no one is at the Locker desk, please ask the attendants at the Bag & Cloak room to help you.

Bag & Cloak room (free)

The Bag & Cloak room can be found directly to the right of the main entrance to World Forum, next to the Registration Desk.

Visitors can leave their coats, bags and large cosplay items there. As we have a strict no bags allowed policy at most locations during the festival you can leave your bags, purchases and large cosplay items here as soon as you entered the building, left the dealer room or are done with changing into your costume.

The gophers at attendance will accept your coat(s) and bag(s) and hand you a numbered retrieval token for each in return. Use of the Cloak & Bag Room is free of charge, you can pickup and return your items as many times as you want. For cosplayers and photographers there is a special queue for quicker service for the pickup and dropping of cosplay props and camera bags.

The Cloak & Bag room is open 24 hours a day during the whole length of the festival and is under constant surveillance.


Not required.


The usual rules apply. Use of the Cloak & Bag room is free of charge.


All visitors.


To the right of the main entrance to World Forum, just beyond the Registration Desk.


24 Hours a day, all through the festival.

Ticketbooth Open

9 days left in sales period!

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