Food & Drinks

The Anime 2017 food experience!

You cannot experience a 50+ hour festival without recharging. Therefore the opportunities for our visitors to power up take the center stage at the Archonia Event Plaza!

We have been organizing the catering for just three years now. In the first year we got a lot of suggestions in our online survey for improvements from you. We listened and last year we barely got any suggestions. A few people still complained about the coin system, but most people have noticed you can also use your pin card to pay at almost all food stalls. Some people have not realized that we do not just have 1 Moolah coins, but also 1/2 Moolah ones. Other than those complaints only one issue remained; but since that is of course always the case we could rest on our laurels this year and accept the praise!

Instead of just accepting praise we decided to keep listening and further improved the catering and solve that last big problem: this year you will be able to get a full meal at the convention! As soon as you enter the convention you will reach the Main Food Court, the place for a full meal, where over 10 stands by 6 Asian caterers will see to your food needs by offering curry, bento boxes, sushi, gyozakaraage, ramen, etc... For drinks there is a wide selection of Western and Asian drinks. Some of the stands in the Main Food Court will remain open throughout the night!

Next is the bar or Izakaya to give it's Japanese name were you can get a Dutch or Japanese beer and sake, as well as drink coffee or tea with something sweet. Does the bar close? It is up to you to prevent this from happening!

At the ​Pangea restaurant western food and drinks are available,

On the first floor we have extended the more snack oriented First Floor Food Court. You will now find the Dutch stroopwafels there, it is easy to find as it is between the poffertjes stand and the vegan gyros stand. Of course we still have the takoyaki and taiyaki stands but there is an okonomiyaki stand there as well. Japanese ice cream, bubble tea, noodlesonigiri, curry, sushi, etc... With over 14 stands by over 8 caterers you just gotta catch them all! There are enough snacks to serve as a meal. Food is of course not just about nutrition, that is why we also have two maid cafe's here. One of them switches between butler mode and maid mode while the other has a special imouto café section. Which one has what? We guess you have to try them both.

Furthermore we have many food related events, e.g. the Tea-, Sake- and Whisky tastings and the bento, cake decoration and onigiri workshops. These events are very popular and usually required prior subscription at the information desk and often a separate ticket to cover the costs of the food or drinks.

Special requirements

We do have a lot of choice for vegetarians and even people with vegan powers need not go hungry. Most caterers offer vegetarian food choices and the stands manned by Honkies offer only vegan food, even when it looks like meat. 

For people with allergies: unfortunately we are just a three day festival so not everything is labelled as well as we would wish. You will have to ask specifically for food that is safe for you. While all stand holders know exactly what is in their menu, not all their people do so sometimes they may not be able to answer your question. We apologize in advance.

Payment, the end of Moolah's!

Through hard work and diplomacy, our queens have arranged a new type of festival coin. The new coin will be accepted by all restaurants and shops in The Hague and most shops, food stalls and gas-stations en route to The Hague. Our foreign visitors can even spend their last coins on purchases at all major Dutch and Belgian airports! Long live our new festival coins: Euros!

If you wonder what to do if you have leftover Euros: most banks and money traders worldwide accept the large Euro denominations and can refund them! Do not believe the fake media news that says otherwise! We know how this false narrative has plagued our old and worn Moolahs. So sad! We even refunded people after the festival but people believe their own alternative facts!

Visitors also told us they were suspicious of any stand pricing products at ½ a Moolah. We are afraid this will increase with the new Euros as the smallest unit is 1/100th of a Euro, also known as a cent. Unfortunately as for coins we only provide them from 5 cents and up. Your change will therefore be rounded in units of 5 cents.

Some visitors even went as far as to avoid the catering altogether, because the pin-machines at every counter were--according to more fake news-- either a hoax or a conspiracy to rob them of their well earned money. Apparently you could actually lose money by holding a debit card near those machines! (Actually that is true: we rented the contactless pin machines to make it easy to pay so AnimeCon visitors stay energized and hydrated.)

You can still use any leftover Moolahs this year, but this will be the last festival where you can use them. You can also exchange them at the information desk for the new Euros. You will get 2 Euros for each Moolah coin and 1 Euro for a ½ Moolah coin. It will not be possible to buy new Moolah’s; instead you must buy Euros. You can do so at our information desk using debit and - for a small fee - credit cards. It is also possible to buy the new Euros in advance at any ATM in the Netherlands. Even some other European countries allow you to purchase Euros and you can exchange them worldwide with most money traders using your local valuta.

Ticketbooth Open

9 days left in sales period!

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